Bridezilla 'Best Friend' 'Uninvites' Maid Of Honor's Husband Because He Is Too Short And Will Ruin Pictures

Bridezilla 'Best Friend' 'Uninvites' Maid Of Honor's Husband Because He Is Too Short And Will Ruin Pictures

The bride told the woman that the day is about her and that she and her husband should respect her wishes for her big day.

There is nothing wrong in wanting everything to be perfect on your wedding day but asking your maid of honor to not bring her husband along because he would 'shorten' her and 'make the pictures look weird' is just not acceptable. This is what happened to a woman who then took to Reddit to share her story. 

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The woman, who goes by the username aitathroawayacc, wrote, "My (30f) friend (31f) is getting married in August. She invited me and my husband to the wedding already in October when she got engaged. I was asked to be her maid of honor. She didn't have the date immediately as she wasn't sure how it will be with COVID and now she has the date and she told me she thinks it would be better if my husband didn't come. I asked her why and she didn't want to tell me at first but then she said it is because he is shorten then me and it would look weird on pictures. He has around 165 cm (5 feet 4.961 inches) while I have 166cm (5 feet 5.354 inches). I think the difference is not that big and I offered I woudn't wear heels but she said I must wear them cause I am the maid of honor and bridesmaid will wear heels as well."

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The woman obviously stood up for her husband, "I said that if my husband is not invited because of his height I am not coming to her wedding. She said that the day is about her and not about me and my husband and I should respect her wishes about her day. She said that she counts with me as with the maid of honor and I can't do this to her. I told her she is being shallow and that it is either me and my husband or none of us. I talk about it with my husband and he think I am not the asshole and actually would think it would be bad of me to agree with my friend, however, he doesn't like her that much (she doesn't know that so it couldn't play a role in it). So I am not sure if his opinion is really objective," she said. 

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The woman continued, "I asked my friend and she said I am the asshole cause it is just one day and it is about the bride so I shouldn't make a drama out of it. So perhaps I am the asshole because I am focusing on me being there with my husband and not at what the bride wants?"

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Users were quick to reassure her that she was right to take her husband's side. "NTA. You and your husband are 100% correct. What on earth did she think your response would be? I think "Both of us or neither of us" is entirely fair.
For someone who is about to get married, she seems to have an odd idea of what marriage entails. You cant have it both ways. It sounds like she is essentially saying "My marriage is important, yours is not," a user wrote, while another said, "The bride is acting like the “height” of entitlement. She pretends like she has some prominent “stature” but OP is right to cut her down to “size.” OP, stand by your husband, even if that means digging in your literal heels. NTA (Not The A*****e)." A third commented, "NTA and I would completely ditch this person as a friend."