Bride With No Job Wants Fiancé To Get Two Jobs So She Can Have A "Dream Wedding" Which Costs An Extravagant $80,000

Bride With No Job Wants Fiancé To Get Two Jobs So She Can Have A "Dream Wedding" Which Costs An Extravagant $80,000

Her response to the fiance suggesting they cut costs and spend less on the wedding is, "UH, HELLO, NO. This is MY WEDDING I have been dreaming of since I was little..."

In the days that lead up to one's wedding, a partner might see a completely different side of their fiancé that they have never seen before in the relationship. In this case, the bride-to-be showed her fiancé just how demanding she can be when it came to the perfect dream wedding she had in mind.

"My fiance and I are having lots of issues right now, we can't stop fighting and I don't know what to do," the bride-to-be wrote in a Facebook post that was later shared on Reddit by PheterPharker.

The woman didn't hesitate to admit that she had quit her job just so that she could dedicate her time to planning the wedding. "I quit my job because wedding planning was taking up so much time, and my fiance is refusing to get a second job," she went on to say.

"He doesn't understand that I don't have time to get ready for work, drive to work, be somewhere else all day, and drive home. I need to be HOME to plan this wedding. I'm trying to find a job from home but it is difficult."

While the woman stays at home planning the wedding, she wants her soon-to-be husband to work two jobs just to cover the costs of the extravagant wedding. She added, "I asked him to get a second job and he won't. It really p**ses me off because we are spending $80,000 on this wedding..."

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The hell-bent bride-to-be was adamant about having the wedding her way and outright refused to cut down on costs when her fiancé suggested so. "...He keeps saying that we should spend less. UH, HELLO, NO," the woman wrote.

"This is MY WEDDING I have been dreaming of since I was little and I REFUSE to have anything but my dream wedding. How can I convince him to work a second job to pay for this? What happened to 'happy wife, happy life'???????????"

The comment section of the post had a number of people sharing their opinions, where one user, Dwight-fromtheoffice wrote, "Yeah I'd be calling this off. Going into debt because of a wedding is insane."

Talking about how unfair it is for one partner to force the other into working two jobs to cover an expensive wedding, CldSrmnt wrote, "Life isn't a fairytale. A wedding shouldn't be about leaving your income behind and harassing your fiancé to work like a slave so you can impress people for a day. He still wants to marry you despite that because he just needs to honor the meaning and yet you act like it's a betrayal. How pathetic. The poor dude deserves better."

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Another user pointed out how it's great to be able to put the extra bit of effort to keep each other happy in a relationship, but not for outrageous demands. "'Happy Wife, Happy Life'. Sure, if she's asking you to put the toilet seat down, hang up your towel, make dinner, or take the kids to school," btplanner wrote. "You can and should pull your weight around the house, show affection, go on a date together from time to time, and generally be a good husband. Mortgaging your future for one day, no, we need to compromise and be reasonable. 80k is 20% or more down on a very nice home in most places."

One user, who has seen all kinds of wedding parties, wrote, "This is so sad. I was a wedding reception DJ for 10 years and saw parties that cost less than $2000 and I saw parties that spend north of $50,000 and you know what makes a fantastic wedding party? Fantastic friends and family. I have seen insanely happy, funtime parties in the cheapest of church gymnasium venues and cringe worthy, dreary sad affairs at luxury destination resorts. It ain't the place that makes the party, it is the people who are there."