Bride Storms Out Of Her Own Wedding As Groom's Ex-Girlfriend Runs Down The Altar Toward Him In A White Gown

Bride Storms Out Of Her Own Wedding As Groom's Ex-Girlfriend Runs Down The Altar Toward Him In A White Gown

The spurned lover knelt before the groom and begged him to take her back.

It's hard to tell what form, love could manifest into when left incomplete by one's lover. There are some who manage to channelize it positively by developing a new perspective in life while others resort to desperate activities to cope up with the mentally eroding sense of rejection. A Chinese woman, spurned in love, apparently took to the latter when she decided to crash into her ex-boyfriend's wedding and salvage it.

According to Mail Online, she and her boyfriend were broken up because both of them were very different people and things were not going smooth. While the man moved on, she evidently couldn't come to terms with the fact that the man she loved is going to accept someone else as his bride.


So, she gate-crashed his wedding to another woman wearing a white gown that looks like a wedding ensemble. Before anyone could prevent it, she ran on to the altar, knelt before him and started begging him to come back. Yes! this happened in front of everybody present at the wedding. At one point, she is seen grabbing the groom's arm and yelling, "it was my fault." This incident occurred after the couple was married and the groom was about to kiss his wife, reports the Mail.

This left the bride and the groom, shocked. He tried to calm his bride down by stroking her hair but things quickly escalated when the other woman kept pulling his arms and crying. Aghast by all the drama and public embarrassment on what was supposed to be the happiest day of her life, the bride jerked off her groom's clutch and stormed off from the venue.

A video of the event was first uploaded by an entertainment blogger before being widely shared by Chinese media. The 30-second video went viral in no time.


Everybody, including the wedding MC, were taken by surprise as this unusual event unfolded before them. The wedding MC can be heard saying "we have an unexpected situation here" before adding "perhaps this is the reality of love".

When your past takes the shape of an embarrassing reality, people do tend to add to the troubles. Case in point: the wedding MC tried to make things harder for the groom and the families by quoting a Chinese proverb - 'If you ask life what love is, it is to devote your life to someone else.'

While there have been no further updates on the lives of the bride and the groom, web users on Weibo (the Chinese equivalent of Twitter) have condemned the ex-girlfriend, calling her selfish and obsessed.


One comment read: 'Do not destroy other's relationship to satisfy your own obsession.'

Another one said: 'This is exactly why you can't be friends with an ex.'

Another user wrote: 'This is more than inappropriate. From the standpoint of the bride, how could the wedding carry on?'

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