Insensitive Bride Wants To Cut Off Cancer-Stricken Bridesmaid Because Hairloss Doesn't Fit Into Her "Vision" Of The Wedding

Insensitive Bride Wants To Cut Off Cancer-Stricken Bridesmaid Because Hairloss Doesn't Fit Into Her "Vision" Of The Wedding

She asked her friends if she should ask the bridesmaid to wear a wig or give up the honor of being a bridesmaid.

It is not unnatural for a bride to want everything to go as per plan on her wedding day. But is a wedding bigger than the emotions of our close ones? Can we go so far to make our wedding look good that we hurt the people who make it special?

A bride went so far in ensuring aesthetic perfection in her wedding that she lost a close friend for life. She caused online outrage when her conversation with her friends went viral in which she was asking them if she could cut out her cancer-stricken bridesmaid. The bride wrote that since her bridesmaid had lost hair through her cancer battle, she would not compliment the wedding aesthetics. She also asked them if she should ask her to wear a wig.

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However, word reached the bridesmaid and she decided to take a stand and confront the bride. Not just that, she also decided to not show up at her wedding at all. In a strongly worded message, the bridesmaid called out the selfish bride.

She said, "Hey, I will no longer be attending your wedding as a bridesmaid or a guest." She added, "I would just HATE for my chemotherapy treatment and the resulting side effects to negatively affect you and your wedding day so I will not be attending."

However, the bride still did not seem to fathom her grief and continued to send insensitive text messages. She said, "I really didn't mean it in a negative way! I just wasn't expecting you to get cancer and lose your hair when I asked you be my bridesmaid and not it's hard to see that with my vision of my wedding day."

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She went in to say that she will be fine with her wearing a wig to her wedding and that she could also take her wig shopping. It's now when the bridesmaid lost her cool and responded furiously. She ended her long heated messages by confirming that she will not attend her wedding. Presumably, the bride also lost a dear friend of hers due to her unwarranted stubbornness and lack of empathy.

The screenshots were posted on Imgur and the bride has since been receiving major flak. The person who posted the screenshots on Imgur wrote, "The bridesmaid called out the bride for her hateful behavior by posting their conversation on Facebook,” the Imgur user added.

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 “I thought I was pretty desensitized to terrible people doing and saying terrible people things but this shocked me a little so I took screenshots of the post and uploaded them here.”

The user went on to say, "As far as it being fake, I can say with absolute certainty that the bridesmaid does have cancer but since they’re not my texts, I have no way of proving whether the conversation occurred or not."

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"From what I saw, the post seemed legit but that’s just me. I felt like she was being genuine but you never know with this kind of thing online. So I readily admit that the convo being fake certainly is a possibility."

And so, this selfish bride not only lost a dear friend of hers for life but also probably lost her peace of mind by hurting her. But the question remains, can we go so far in ensuring materialistic perfection that we hurt our loved ones?