Bride Pulls Prank, Sends Best Man In White Gown Instead Of Herself | Groom's Reaction Was Priceless

Bride Pulls Prank, Sends Best Man In White Gown Instead Of Herself | Groom's Reaction Was Priceless

A bride pranks her groom by sending his best man dressed in a white gown The groom who is shocked cannot control his laughter.

The first sight of their bride in white walking down the aisle is special for every groom. That first look evokes tears of joy and happiness in every man and is very often an emotional moment. However, one groom burst into laughter after he saw his "bride". 


According to Daily Mail, Logan Martin from Kentucky waited nervously at the altar for his bride. When he turned back to see his love Megan Martin in her bridal gown, he could not control his laughter. He was shocked to see his muscular best man Ryan Sowder in a white strapless gown. The images captured by the photographer was hilarious.


Logan did not imagine his bride Meghan to play a prank on him on his big day. Just like any other groom, he was nervous and excited to see her in her dazzling gown. “I was building with anticipation the whole time I was outside waiting for Megan,” said Martin to Fox News. The groom who waited for 5 minutes prepared himself for that emotional moment and turned around to take a glance of his bride.


However, his girlfriend sent his charming best man in white before her.  “When I turned around and saw Ryan, I couldn’t help but to double over with laughter. Seeing your best man in a wedding dress is not a situation you can be prepared for," said Martin.


The photos captured by K.Herman showed the astonished bride who laughed out loud. "I was completely shocked," said the groom. The two best pals held each other's hands and continued in laughter.  Soon, Megan did arrive looking beautiful in white and the couple tied the knot. 


However, her prank did make the wedding a hilarious one. "When Megan asked me to do this prank on Logan there was no way I could turn it down," said Ryan. Martin even joked that his friend did a good job with the dress. “All-in-all, I think he wore the dress well,” said Martin. 


The photographs that were shared on Facebook caught the attention of several people. While one commented, "That is so awesome!!!"  another wrote, "This is hilarious. I’ve never seen anything like this."


Some people even tagged their friends to do something similar for their wedding. The photos received about 243 comments and 1K shares. “It was awesome!” said the photographer.