Bride Goes Viral for Chopping Her Wedding Gown and Turning It Into a Honeymoon Dress

Bride Goes Viral for Chopping Her Wedding Gown and Turning It Into a Honeymoon Dress

She wants to inspire other brides to go against the tradition and have fun with their bridal wardrobe.

A bride is going viral for chopping off her wedding dress and turning it into a dress for her honeymoon. Taylor Popik, from New York City, shared a video of herself in her wedding gown on TikTok, informing viewers that she planned to reduce the mermaid gown. It was adorned in beading and floral appliqué and cost more than $5,000 and she turned it into a tiny cocktail dress for her honeymoon in Italy. She wrote in the caption, "This is your sign to CHOP IT girls!!!" 

Popik's video rapidly drew the attention of other TikTok users, and it currently has over 1.5 million views and 100,000 likes. Many viewers were demanding a video after she cut off the dress. A few weeks later, the newlywed complied, releasing a video of her altered gown.

Popik told Good Morning America, "I shared the process with my audience because I always encourage them to do what feels right for them, and this was an example of that for me." Popik is a practicing attorney and lifestyle content creator. She has a blog named The Wellness For Life Blog and is pretty popular for giving lifestyle advice. 

Popik said she eventually fell in love with a Tony Ward gown that was unique to Kleinfeld Bridal and purchased it after her first try-on visit and wore it for her wedding last year. Many brides choose to save their dresses in the hopes that their future children would re-wear their wedding attire. Popik claimed her mother had done the same, but the outfit had not lasted the test of time, despite preservation. 


Popik has published numerous more videos on reducing her gown in recent weeks, and some TikTok users have come out with suggestions for ways to utilize the leftover material from the gown's bottom half. She said, "It's been really special to connect with women around the world, to hear their stories and to discuss other sustainable ways I can re-purpose the rest of the fabric I have left from the dress." She further added, "I've received hundreds of suggestions, including donating to a company that re-purposes wedding gowns to make dresses for [stillborn infants], and other charitable causes. It's been really inspiring."

She feels like inspiring other brides to ditch the traditional way of preserving wedding gowns. She said, "I hope that I can inspire other women to always do what feels right for them, even if it goes against the grain of societal expectations." She further added, "If even one bride re-purposes her wedding gown so that she can wear her sentimental dress while creating new special memories, I'll be happy." 

She said that brides should have fun with their wardrobes and be sustainable.




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