Bride Left Furious On Her Big Day As "Grabby" Mother-In-Law Stands Next To Son To Show He's "Mine Mine Mine"

Bride Left Furious On Her Big Day As "Grabby" Mother-In-Law Stands Next To Son To Show He's "Mine Mine Mine"

The mother-in-law mostly sat by herself at the wedding and did not mingle with many people, but when the photographer got his camera out, she kept placing her arms on the groom, making the bride feel awkward on her big day.

It's the day that you eagerly look forward to when you're young and the day that you will always fondly look back upon when you're older — your wedding day. The bride and groom hope to celebrate their love for each other while loved ones join. But for this bride, her wedding day turned out to be one where she had to fight to get those precious moments with her newly wedded husband.

As the new husband and wife posed for pictures to capture the day they tied the knot, her mother-in-law kept wrapping her arms around the groom, almost like she was fighting to remind people that he's still "mine".

The furious bride posted on Reddit, "She was like this in every. single. photo." Even after having clicked plenty of photos, the bride couldn't find a single one where her mother-in-law seemed completely relaxed. The mother-in-law mostly sat by herself and wasn't ready to be an active part of one of the most important days in her son's life.

The bride further added, "Out of the 400 photos we got, pictures that included her were one of two things:
1. ...sitting by herself because she refused to invite any of her 'friends' even when we asked her for names several times.
2. Grabby momma. Translation 'Mine mine mine'."


Although her own parents seemed happy for their daughter, it would've been strange for her to see her mother-in-law acting the way she did. "It's weird because my parents look relaxed and happy... I think the most gracious thing that JNMIL said to me about the whole wedding thing was 'He's your problem now'."

But the only saving grace was that she got a second photoshoot the next day because of bad weather and the photographer stepped in to help. "Due to weather got second shoot next day. Photographer did not allow her to join," the bride wrote. 

The bride also talked about how one self-centered person can affect everyone around them, just like how it affected her on her wedding day. "It's crazy how being self centered can really drain the life out yourself and others," she wrote. "An endless void that can never be filled... the paradox of life is the less we think about ourselves and the more we think about other people (not in relation to yourself or what they think of you), the happier a person can be."

She also added, "I feel really sad for this lady because it's obvious she's so lonely but is helpless because she won't absorb a single piece of feedback to help improve her situation."

This wasn't the first time a mother-in-law tried to show her possessiveness over the groom at a wedding. Another bride wrote under the username acciopintje and said, "...she added that comment about her son looking so sharp immediately after telling me how my choice in wedding attire wasn't good enough, that I interpreted it as 'My son will look great, you should wear the right shoes so you also look great'."


When it came to the actual wedding day, the mother-in-law ended up standing between both of them for some of the photos. The woman wrote, "There are photos where she WAS in-between us. Her daughter asked her to move, so my husband and I could stand together, and her actual response, I swear to you all, was a sharp, 'I can stand here! I'm his woman, too!'"

While mother-in-laws being possessive over the grooms is one thing, it's a whole different thing when they try to steal the entire spotlight from the bride on her big day. On Amy Pennza's big day, she was shocked to see that her mother-in-law turned up at the ceremony in a white wedding dress.


"I was more stunned than furious," Amy told Metro.co.uk. "...‘I think it sunk in when I saw my wedding photos. She definitely apologised." Amy also tried to be understanding about the situation because she knew that her "quirky" mother-in-law grew up in poverty and that was the reason behind her unexpected choice of attire. "She really is the quirky, loving woman..." Amy said. "I know it’s hard for people to wrap their minds around anyone breaking that etiquette rule for any reason, but she saw a steal and couldn’t turn it down."