Bride-to-Be Lost Her Dream Wedding & £8,000 Thanks To Fiance Who Cheated On Her 4 Months Before The Big Day

Bride-to-Be Lost Her Dream Wedding & £8,000 Thanks To Fiance Who Cheated On Her 4 Months Before The Big Day

A bride was left in misery after she found that her fiance was cheating on her. The woman canceled her wedding and was left with a huge financial loss.

Finding the right person and falling in love is a dream come true for many of us. We hope to spend our lives with them believing we have found a companion forever. However, being cheated by that person whom we thought was the love of our life is heartbreaking. Tara Hannen, a 29-year-old woman had to go through just that. Not only did she get her heart broken, but she lost her money trying to plan the dream wedding for her and her fiance.

According to The Sun, the young woman was all set to get married to the man of her dreams in September 2014. Tara was engaged to Aiden Tungate and had done all the preparations for their big day. However, just eight weeks before their extravagant wedding, she found her fiance was cheating on her for almost four months. “Knowing he had been doing it while we were planning a wedding together was unbearable. I would lie in bed staring at my wardrobe knowing my wedding dress was in there. I’ll never forgive him,” said the woman.

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The couple had met in at a nightclub in New Cross, London, in 2009. Tara felt a special connection to 30-year-old Aiden and the couple hit it off within a few weeks. After 3 months of being together, he shifted with Tara and her parents  Alison, 55, and
Terry, 56. In six months time, everything had become serious and Aiden popped the question.  “It was soon, but everything felt so right and I agreed in a heartbeat. We threw ourselves into organizing our big day,” said Tara.  

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Everything was going great and both Aiden and Tara even flew to Magaluf in June 2014 to celebrate their stag and hen parties. However, things took a different turn when Tara's dad received a phone call. “Dad opened the door and said to Aiden, ‘Who’s Chrissie?’ Aiden replied, ‘What? I don’t know’. Dad was shaking when he said, ‘Well, she says you’ve been in a relationship with her since February’," said Tara. Aiden, however, did not stop to answer but fled the house immediately. 

Tara could not wait to know the truth. She immediately called up Chrissie to know her side of the story. Sher came to know that Aiden had contacted her during the stag party. She also came to know that the woman had found out about the wedding through the Twitter countdown on Aiden's Twitter account. She then saw pictures of Tara's hen party on Facebook. “I was so angry with her but as Chrissie told me her side of the story, I calmed down. She was as much a victim of his lies as me. Aiden had texted her from Magaluf, claiming to be on a mate’s stag do. It was sick”

The bride had dreamed of a great wedding and her parents wanted to do the best for their daughter. They had saved a large amount of money and had everything organized for the big day. “We invited more than 200 guests and our total costs were £20,000. My parents saved hard for my wedding and were determined to give me my dream day,” said Tara.

She had hired a £2,000 wedding planner, picked the wedding rings and even booked The Warren in Bromley, Kent, for their wedding that was to be held on September 2014. However, when she realized she had been cheated, she canceled everything. The short cancellation notice led to a huge financial loss for the woman.  She lost almost £8,000 due to non-refundable fees. "My parents put on a brave face but it was heart-breaking. They’d spent their life savings, for nothing," said Tara.

Though Aiden apologized for the incident and even said it was the biggest mistake of his life, Tara is not ready to forgive the man who ripped off her heart. Tara who was shattered by the news called off the wedding which she had been planning for 3 years. "He wouldn’t look me in the eye. He just kept saying sorry and I just wanted him gone. It was so hard to adjust. One minute I was getting married, the next I was single," said Tara.

Tara, who is also a mother to Preston, whom she conceived during her romance with Aiden, hopes to find true love again. "I’m still hopeful there’s a good guy out there."



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