Bride Furious After Groom Wanted To Postpone Wedding To Be By Dying Grandma's Side, Who Raised Him|Bride Called It Off Entirely

Bride Furious After Groom Wanted To Postpone Wedding To Be By Dying Grandma's Side, Who Raised Him|Bride Called It Off Entirely

The bride accused the man of humiliating her and said he was supposed to prioritize her.

Weddings take years or months to plan but none of it matters when your dear one is on their death bed. One groom thought the same but his bride was unable to understand his emotions. The man took to Reddit to share his story.

According to the post, the man was engaged to his girlfriend and was supposed to be married. However, just days before his wedding, he received a call from the care home, where his grandmother resided. Her condition was deteriorating and she was likely to pass away. So, the man rushed to her side along with his relatives.

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"A few days beforehand we get a call from the care home saying grandma’s condition was deteriorating rapidly and she most likely would pass away in the next day or so. My uncles and I immediately went down there and spent the entire time by her side," wrote the man, according to Reddit. 

He explained that he was very close to his grandmother because he was raised by her. "Now, my biological mother is a useless drug addict that I’ve never cared for nor wished to pursue a relationship with. She left me with my grandma and I was raised by her since birth. I have always and will always consider my grandma my real “mother” because she raised me and cared for me all my life," wrote the man, according to the post. 

He then stated that his family was forced to put her in a care home due to the lack of resources. "About a year ago, we (me and my uncles) had to put grandma in a care home. This was a hard decision to make, but we simply didn’t have the means to care for her properly anymore even with her carer’s help. She had a lot of age-related health issues as well as dementia," said the man.

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Though they rushed to her side, his grandmother did not pass away as they were informed. Instead, she fought till his wedding day. Unable to leave her side, the man called his bride to tell her to postpone the wedding.

"I called my fiancée multiple times and explained we had to postpone the wedding. Not only was I not in the best state of mind (again, she’s my mother to me) but I needed to be by her side when she passed. I felt sick at the idea of not being there when I could," said the man.

However, his bride was not ready. She asked him to get ready as soon as possible. The man, on the other hand, insisted it was important for him to be by the woman, who raised him.

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He wrote, "My fiancée was extremely (to put it mildly) opposed to this and insisted I get ready as soon as possible. She obviously did not want months of planning to go to waste, and I understand that it definitely sucks. She also said there was no point in me being there since she won’t even know I’m there due to her dementia. I understand why it might seem like that to her, but to me it didn’t matter if she realised I was there or not. I just felt I had to be there with my uncles."

The groom did not make it to the wedding and on the same night, his grandmother passed away. His bride was initially angry but the couple managed to patch things up. However, she is still bitter.

"She said I was completely assholish to her and humiliated her by not showing up. She thinks that as my fiancée she should take top priority no matter what. My opinion is that weddings can be rescheduled (albeit costly) and being with my grandma when she passed was more important," said the man, according to Reddit. 

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Reddit users were divided. While some sided with the man, others talked about how expensive weddings can be. "Weddings can be re-aranged, the death of a loved one can not," wrote one.

Another stated, "Good grief, she had a few days notice as well. These things happen. I’m concerned about her taking the tragic victim role instead of offering you support during your period of grief. You are most definitely NTA(Not An A**h***)."