Pregnant Bride Who Lost Her Home To Hurrican Laura Scammed By Best Friend Who Planned Their Wedding & Left With All The Money

Pregnant Bride Who Lost Her Home To Hurrican Laura Scammed By Best Friend Who Planned Their Wedding & Left With All The Money

The bride had left the best friend in charge of the entire wedding because she was on active duty in the military. And had paid the friend in full.

We are all a little careful when we are in business with strangers. But when we are availing any services from people we've known for a long time, especially friends or loved ones, we usually let our guard down. And when these people betray us, it hits us hard. This is what happened to a bride who trusted her best friend.

According to this Reddit thread, a poor bride was scammed of a lot of her money by her best friend of 14 years!! The post said that the bride's best friend had started his own event planning business and had helped the bride throw a baby shower and gender reveal the previous year. According to the bride, since both events were a success, she couldn't wait to have her best friend plan her wedding as well.

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The main reason to hire a planner was that both the bride and her partner were on active duty in the military, so they couldn't do all the wedding arrangements in person. The bride and her partner had given this best friend thousands of dollars to ensure that their wedding preparations would go smoothly. But they were in for a complete shock when they came down to check the venue and other arrangements for their autumn wedding, which is due on 3rd Oct 2020.

On the day the couple was supposed to meet the best friend, he ghosted them. All calls went straight to voicemail and messages went unread. Worst of all, the best friend hadn't paid for half the venue. 

The bride said she was "distraught" because she has no idea how much money the best friend had siphoned off and not paid up for the wedding, which is less than a month away now.

She wrote that this man, who she considered a best friend, was also a godfather to her son!! How heartbroken must have the bride felt that someone she held so close to her heart did something this heinous.

The bride was going through a very bad patch in her life. Over and above this betrayal she was experiencing, she also had to evacuate her house because it was hit by Hurricane Laura. Plus she's also 6 months pregnant. The bride wrote she was considering giving up the wedding all together at this point.

She also said that she is considering reporting the man to the police. But she is skeptical because she feels suing her best friend would cost more than the actual amount of money he stole. Additionally, she writes that she may never get the money back. She ended the post asking people for advice on how to proceed.

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This story was the screenshot of a Facebook post that the Original Poster (OP) u/melindseyme had shared. A day later, she shared another screenshot, which contained a little more information about the situation. On the original Facebook post, someone commented asking if the bride should give the benefit of the doubt and check if something had happened to the best friend. The bride responded saying she found that her best friend was still communicating with other customers and was just avoiding her.

The Redditors' response was interesting. Some felt that this story was a bit too far-fetched. For example, one Reddit user said, "Travelling across state lines, military, 6 months pregnant, during a pandemic and your best friend and the god father of your child for some reason only half robbed you? was a go fund me linked, because this feels a tad fraudy."

The OP replied saying, "You'd think, right? But there's no way to donate in the post or comments, and there hasn't been talk of anything like that. It totally could just be attention seeking, though!"

One of the other reddit users named u/intheskywithlucy shared a similar story of their own, which got featured on Good Morning America and ABC as well. This user was also scammed of money by a wedding planner, though in the end, they caught the perpetrator.

The user u/intheskywithlucy wrote, "Turns out she had gotten addicted to adderall and was using the money to pay for pills. A year after we got married, we got our money back. We had the option to press charges, or get our $5000 back in full with the agreement that she would go to rehab, so we took the latter."

All in all, these incidents show that one can never be too careful while availing services even from friends. As much as we want to, blindly trusting anyone with money is probably not the best idea.