Video Shows Brave 11YO Saving His 2YO Baby Sister From A Collapsing Roof As Earthquake Shook California

Video Shows Brave 11YO Saving His 2YO Baby Sister From A Collapsing Roof As Earthquake Shook California

Armando Suarez did not wait for instructions when he felt the building shaking. He picked up his sister and ran swiftly towards the door, saving her from potential danger.

We may not always have the best relationship with our siblings but they are our first friends and probably our first rival. Though we might have reasons to dislike them, you know that their love and care for you is beyond anybody you know. While he or she might not be very expressive of it they rush to your side if you need them. An incident reported during the California earthquake reflects this love. An 11-year-old boy was quick to save his toddler sister when the earthquake shook the area. His act not only depicts his bravery but his genuine care and concern for his baby sister. 


According to People, Armando Suarez, an 11-year-old boy ran to the rescue of his little sister when the earthquake occurred in Ridgecrest, California. The young boy carried his little sister in his arms and ran out of the building while their mother followed them behind.

Armando and his 2-year-old sister Arianna was at the laundromat with their mother when the earthquake happened. The 7.1-magnitude earthquake shook the building. The boy who realized the danger jumped into action and picked up his toddler sister and rushed out of the building in no time. However, nobody was hurt.


The surveillance footage which captured the boy's heroic act, showed the children fleeing out of the building while the ceiling tiles fell around them. The video showed that Armando and his little sister made a quick escape as the tile almost hit them. Their mother Joann Yglesias along with other people followed the children.

“It started shaking really badly and the roof starts to collapse in more. That’s when I grabbed my sister and ran toward the door because everything’s shaking,” said the little boy, according to People. 

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Joan told the media that she was so proud of her young courageous boy who showed the maturity to jump to action. “Once we got outside, I grabbed my kids and held them really close to me. I’m very, very proud of him and thankful he was there to react good,” said Joan. The courageous act of the boy saved the family from a great danger. 

The earthquake recorded on the 4th of July was one of the largest felt in the area in the last 20 years. Its aftershocks that occurred on the 5th caused multiple fires, damages to many buildings, roads and gas lines. Though no major injuries or deaths were initially reported one earthquake-related death was announced by authorities in Pahrump.