Brave 11-YO & 7-YO Tried to Fight Dad Off & Save Their Mom's Life as He Allegedly Stabbed Her | "...My dad... made it happen"

Brave 11-YO & 7-YO Tried to Fight Dad Off & Save Their Mom's Life as He Allegedly Stabbed Her | "...My dad... made it happen"

The children blamed their father and said he caused it .

Trigger: Contains details of violence that may be distrubing to some readers

Unfortunately, many children are exposed to domestic violence and scarred at a very young age. These incidents that they grew up with become an ever tormenting memory in their lives. Two young children from Utah were forced to see their father trying to end the life of their mother. Though they tried to intervene, they could not save her. 

According to People, a 7-year-old girl and an 11-year-old boy witnessed their father brutally stabbing their mother, Utahna Halona Erickson to death. The incident came to light after the Unified Police Department responded to a domestic violence call just after 6 pm in the neighborhood of Midvale on 28 October, 2020.  

The call was made after the 11-year-old rushed to his neighbor for help. He informed that his father, John Weston Erickson was trying to kill their mother. Soon, the officers arrived at the gruesome crime scene. The boy, who was at the neighbor's house along with his sister, told them, "It was my dad that made it happen."

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According to the complaint, the young girl had “blood on her face, clothes, and severe cuts on her hand." Officers also found blood outside the family's home. 

The documents stated that the little girl tried to intervene after she heard her mother's screams from the bedroom. When she came in, she saw her father on top of her mother with a knife.

She told the police he was "cutting my mom open." The helpless child put up a fight with her father and tried to grab the knife off his hands. However, she did not succeed. Instead, she was left injured in the struggle. “[She] suffered extensive injury to her fingers which required surgery to repair,” stated the complaint, according to People.

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After failing to stop her father, the girl went out to get her brother. However, her brother's attempts were also in vain. "[Her brother] kicked and punched [Erickson] and then ran for help," said the complaint.

Upon entering the house, the officers found the father who had tried to take his own life after killing his wife. 

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He was found in the master bedroom with a knife on his chest. He also had cuts on his neck and wrists. The mother, on the other hand, was found lifeless on the floor. The man said, "I meant for that. I just f****** snapped. One of the sweetest people around took the brunt of my rage.”

He also admitted that he knew she was going to die when he cut her throat.

The man was charged with murder, child abuse, and two counts of commission of domestic violence in the presence of a child. He has not yet entered a plea deal. 

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Meanwhile, the family members of the deceased woman remembered her as a “beautiful, loving, and amazing soul," according to People.

“She was taken from us way too soon in a way that we will never understand. She made everything beautiful and always went out of her way to bring family and friends together," said the grieving family, in a statement on the Utah Homicide Survivors Facebook page. The family has set up a fundraiser to help the children.