Bradley Cooper's Only Love Is His Little Girl, Lea | "She’s Incredible," Says The Hands-On Dad

Bradley Cooper's Only Love Is His Little Girl, Lea | "She’s Incredible," Says The Hands-On Dad

Bradley Cooper and his ex-Irina Shayk share a great friendship and the two are lovely co-parents.

There is nothing more amazing and precious than the bond between a father and his daughter. Hollywood actor, Bradley Cooper certainly knows this and so his relationship with his two-year-old daughter, Lea is exemplary. Though the actor split from the mother of his baby girl,  Irina Shayk, after four years the couple works together to co-parent their daughter with love.


The actor is often spotted with his little girl. According to Page Six, Cooper was seen with his daughter on his shoulders walking through the streets of New York. Another time, little Lea was seen clutching on her dad's hair and sitting on his neck while he carried her essentials like a reusable thermos and her lunch box. The concerned father was seen holding on his daughter's legs to prevent her from falling.

Apart from going on casual strolls with his little girl around the city, Cooper makes it a point to create memorable moments with his kid. One snowy morning, The actor was seen taking a leisurely walk with his daughter wrapped in warm clothes. The two appeared joyful and truly adorable. He also does not mind looking a little funny for his daughter. The actor admired by many of his impeccable looks even dresses up along with his daughter for Halloween.


Despite the split, Copper and Shayk have managed to find a middle ground to work things out as warm friends. Speaking of their relationship now, Shayk told British Vogue, "Two great people don't have to make a good couple," according to Mirror UK. Undoubtedly, they have figured it out as the two were seen having a casual chat and even posing together at the BAFTA afterparty, just 8 months after their split, according to USA Today.

In case of their daughter, they have worked out a system to spend time with her. "They have a good system in place for Lea and they take turns with her. They also come together as a family and do things when they can. They communicate a lot and are good friends. They both love their daughter more than anything and they come together for her. They are getting along well and everything is very positive. It's still a transition period and they are trying to figure out how it's going to work going forward, but they are in a good place," said a source, according to Daily Mail.


With the pandemic in place, Copper is spending a lot more time fulfilling his role as a parent, Speaking of Cooper as a dad, a source stated, "He’s the best dad, he’s so bonded with Lea and shares all the duties equally with Irina." The actor loves being involved and is a hands-on dad. The protective and caring dad has also made her a priority when it comes to making decisions regarding work.

He tries to choose projects that are in close proximity to New York so that he does not have to miss valuable time with his baby girl. “He’s been making an effort to take projects that aren’t too far from New York so he can be there to share custody, he’s very committed. And so protective, if it were up to him he’d carry her everywhere. He’s totally devoted to Lea, it’s really sweet to see how much he loves being a dad,' said the source.


Speaking to Oprah, Cooper revealed that fatherhood changed him. He added that his little girl reminded him of his father, to whom he was very close. "Our daughter, she’s incredible. I see my father in her quite often. I can't believe I'm going to admit this, but I had moments when … I was just in the room with her I would just say 'Dad?'" said the actor, according to USA Today.


Cooper shared a beautiful bond with his father and losing him was the biggest heartbreak of his life. He is happy that he now has his daughter, who shares his dad's similarity.