‘Bottle Girl’ Shares Her Earnings In Tips In Just One Night | TikTok Users Are Shocked

‘Bottle Girl’ Shares Her Earnings In Tips In Just One Night | TikTok Users Are Shocked

She made thousands of dollars in tips from two tables.

Nina Angelina is extremely popular on TikTok because of her life as the "bottle girl" at a party venue in Scottsdale, Arizona. 

Angelina revealed her first experience working in the club's pool area. The space also looked to be the VIP portion of the bar, which generally needs a minimum spend and gratuity for someone to join. The video begins with her dressed in a sexy pink bikini as she prepares for a shift at The Clubhouse at Maya, per New York Post. The video which has gathered over six million views on TikTok is titled, "My day as a bottle girl in Scottsdale."

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Angelina appears to have been working in the venue's exclusive VIP section, since her video shows her checking multiple private cabanas around the club's pool. The beautiful waitress was also spotted ready to open an expensive bottle of Dom Perignon for a group of apparently wealthy customers. 

The viewers were not really surprised at the amount of fun she has at her job. Instead they were shocked at the money she makes just in tips within one night at the venue. One of her customers spent $9,291.55 during the night and then tipped her an extra $1,800. Another table spent $10,855.14 before tipping her $3,000 more.

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Angelina had made $4,800 from tips alone at only two tables, though it was unclear if she had to divide them. Quality tips are hard to come by in most service industries, and the amount Angelina earned from two tables might easily take many months to earn for anybody in a restaurant, reports Comic Sands

Some users joked in the comments that they were working in the wrong industry. A person commented, "I'm in the wrong profession." Another one said, "Just your tips with those two receipts is more than I make in four months." A TikTok user commented on her beauty, "Why wasn’t I born hot so I could make money like this?" 

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The stunning waitress, who has not revealed her age, has previously released videos on her career in the industry, amassing an amazing 43,000 TikTok followers. She is not the first waitress to become viral for exposing how much money she makes in the service business. 

Just last month, a Florida Hooters server made news after revealing that she earned an incredible $282 in cash, plus $100 from one of her frequent clients using CashApp.





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