8 Body Language Signals Of Your Partner That Show You're The Love Of Their Life

8 Body Language Signals Of Your Partner That Show You're The Love Of Their Life

Your bodies can say as much as words can. And if you and your partner do the following, it shows how you both share a strong, well-bonded relationship.

Laying a kiss on your forehead or placing their arm on your waist can mean as much saying the words, "I love you". The little things that your body does when you and your partner are together are directly connected to the feelings you have for each other. Your partner might not even be giving it a thought, but when you see that they do the following with you, it shows how intimate you are with each other.

1. Their eyes reveal what's in their heart

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You can hold back the truth through words and actions but your eyes cannot. When you and your partner always engage in eye contact and they often give you that long lingering look, it shows how much love and trust you both share. "Eye contact is incredibly intimate," body language expert, Tonya Reiman told Insider. "Eye contact shows trust and emotional openness [and] tells the partner 'I am yours.'"

2. They reach out for your hand when you're next to them

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When you're walking down the street or sitting or watching TV at home and you see that your partner reaches out to take your hand in theirs, it shows how you and your partner have a strong bond. "Holding hands reveals emotional closeness and long-lasting love in a relationship," said Mary Ann Mercer, Psy.D., psychologist and co-founder of Positive Life Answers, according to Martha Stewart Weddings.

3. The passion in your kiss is still the same

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Even after spending so long together, you can still see that the spark hasn't fizzled out when you and your partner still kiss each other with the same passion as they used to in the early stages. "It's easy to fake interest with a peck on the cheek..." sex educator Candice Smith, told PopSugar. But it's nearly impossible for them to fake an intimate kiss because "it requires losing yourselves in the moment," Smith said.

4. Their body moves closer to you without even thinking

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It might not even be something that you both consciously think about, but your bodies naturally move closer to each other when you're together. Body language expert and author, Traci Brown, pointed out that the closeness between your hips is a strong indicator of your connection. "As distance grows emotionally, the distance in their hips will grow," Brown told Elite Daily.

5. Their palms are open when they talk to you

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Talking to each other with your palms open shows how you both have nothing to hide in the relationship. "Research has found that showing the palms of our hands during conversation displays openness, honesty, and directness. Basically, the things most people search for in a strong relationship," said Jacob Kountz, marriage and family therapist trainee and clinic manager at California State University.

6. They move beside you like they're in sync with you

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The strong connection you both have, the more you start mirroring each other. Because you both love spending so much time together, you start syncing with each other; and the similarities in your thoughts and actions will show it. "Just as two people might yawn together, a subconscious sign that there is a connection, or desire for a connection, mirroring body language makes individuals feel not alone."

7. They lean closer towards you

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Staying physically connected shows how you both want to be emotionally connected as well. And for this, you both lean in towards each other to maintain the closeness. When you lean in towards them, your body is showing how you're seeking comfort from them because you both share a strong level of trust. Even when you both sit at a restaurant or cafe, leaning into each other and conversing shows the closeness you both share.

8. They place their arm around your back

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While sometimes placing the arm on the back is about power dynamics, other times it's about giving your partner reassurance, especially when you're both in a secure relationship. "It can also be a sign of caring, comfort, and emotional closeness," said author, professor, and couples therapist, Terri Orbuch. You’re reaching out to that person and symbolically helping them up or into a room in a positive way.”