Beth Chapman Who Never Called Her Husband By The Pet Name He Wanted, Fulfilled His Wish On Her Deathbed

Beth Chapman Who Never Called Her Husband By The Pet Name He Wanted, Fulfilled His Wish On Her Deathbed

“When I heard that she had cancer I cried. She’s my hero. She’s my idol." Hundreds of people who loved her gathered to honor her and celebrate her memory.

On the sprawling shores of Hawaii, about 500 people watched family and friends bid farewell to beloved Beth Chapman in the traditional Hawaiin style, fulfilling the last wish she had on her deathbed.

In a moving eulogy, Duane 'Dog' Chapman talked about how he wanted his wife to call him by his famous pet name 'Dog' and even joked about how the only time she did was when she was letting him know exactly what she wanted for her memorial. “...she said ‘please, Hawaiian style Duane Dog Chapman,’ —  I tried to get her to call me Dog for so many years — she said please do this right. She loved Hawaii and she loved the people,” Duane Chapman said, as reported by HollywoodLife.


The couple first met each other around 1986 and it was love at first sight for Beth Chapman. In a previous interview with A&E, she talked about the moment and said, "...all of a sudden, this blonde bombshell comes walking out from this back room dressed in black all studded out with this long, wavy, blonde hair with this thing." She added, “I thought, oh yes, he will be mine. Let the stalking begin now.”

But things didn't quite work out at the time. They even went on to have other partners, but eventually realized that they couldn't stay apart any longer. In 2006, Beth and Duane got married and were completely devoted to each other through the ups and downs of marriage.


Duane Chapman couldn't even imagine life without his wife and was devastated when she was fighting against cancer. "My baby has cancer and she is fighting like hell. I have cried a lot over this because Beth is my everything...," he said in an emotional interview with DailyMailTV. "She is my rock and my bodyguard. I will do everything I can to keep her here."


During her final days, her thoughts were only about her family and Duane Chapman revealed that her final words to him were “I love you” and "are you guys all OK? Don’t worry," as reported by Fox News. Even though he knew for a few years that it might happen, he was absolutely shattered by the death of his wife. But through the grief, he wanted to make sure that he fulfilled the last wishes of the love of his life, and that was by giving her the memorial that she wanted.


He continues to cherish her memory and shares with the world the many sides to her. He's sure that she's still looking after him from wherever she is and joked, "Beth was somewhat of a control person. So not from the grave, but from heaven, I'm sure she's still controlling me. I got notes in my pillowcase, in my sink... I mean, she's still telling me what to wear. I loved her so much. ... It's just incredible when you walk alone in the bedroom and she was just there two days ago," according to USA Today.


During her memorial, they celebrated Beth Chapman and her love for the people of Hawaii. In the heart of her favorite place on earth, Beth Chapman's friends and family and hundreds of fans came together and honor her memory. It included the Hawaiian ‘Oli chant and a prayer, after which a group paddled out into the ocean, keeping in line with Hawaiin traditions, just as Beth would have wanted, and Duane Chapman threw flowers out into the water.

There might also be another service held in Colorado, which is where Beth Chapman had her other home.


People went out of their way to celebrate Beth Chapman's memory during her final farewell in Hawaii. One visiter in Hawaii decided to push her return flight and said, “This is emotional for me. We could tell that Beth cared for people from the way that she treated them on the show. She was not there just to rough them around, she truly cared for people."

Lisa Stender, who was inspired by the woman that Beth Chapman was, took a bus from Mililani to get to the Waikiki service according to Star Advertiser. “When I heard that she had cancer I cried. She’s my hero. She’s my idol.”