Duane Chapman & Fiance, Francie, Cried Over The Loss Of Beth On Their First Phone Call | "You'll Never Forget The Spouse"

Duane Chapman & Fiance, Francie, Cried Over The Loss Of Beth On Their First Phone Call | "You'll Never Forget The Spouse"

Duane Chapman still grieves the loss of Beth despite moving on to a new chapter in life.

The death of a dear one remains a painful memory no matter how many years go by. Duane 'Dog' Chapman lost his dear wife Beth on 26 June 2019 and remembered her with an aching heart on her 1st death anniversary. The family that is still grieving her loss organized a prayer to honor her.


Meanwhile, Chapman who recently got engaged to his girlfriend, Francie Frane, revealed that he had a teary-eyed conversation with Frane during their first phone call about the passing of his wife. 

According to Pop Culture, in an interview with minister Patricia King, the reality star revealed that he had an emotional connection with Frane during their first conversation. It had just been a few months since Beth passed and Chapman had called Frane asking for her husband to help with some landscaping. It is then that he realized that her husband had passed away from cancer. He then opened up about his loss and the both "bawled" over their losses. Undoubtedly, the death of Beth had a huge impact on the life of Chapman. 


Recalling the final days with his dear love, he said, "I’m still crying right now. She woke me up one night and told me, 'Daddy, I'm going to die,' and I said, 'No you're not.' So she had accepted it and I would not," according to Pop Culture.

Meanwhile, many criticized his decision to propose to Frane even before the first death anniversary of Beth. However, Chapman responded to it saying that his engagement did not mean he was finding a replacement for Beth or forgetting her and his past life with her. "I need a partner. I've said it before. There will never be another Mrs. Dog. There is not. Francie couldn't do that. There will be a last Mrs. Chapman. If Beth was here, and saw Francie and saw how she was raised, her morality and this and that, Beth would say, 'Big daddy, don't lose her'," according to People


He further added, "You'll never forget the spouse. You can't help it. I will never forget. But I've got to get out there. I've got to be able to say, 'I came out of this and you can, too.' As a human being, I don't think you look for — not a replacement, because you can never find one. I'm learning that right now."

Though many fans found it difficult to see Chapman moving on to his next chapter in life, some were happy about it. His family was extremely supportive and feels that Frane made him happy. "Life is filled with so much sorrow and hurt, in times like this is when love is found unexpected," said Bonnie Chapman, Beth and Chapman's daughter. "For those who claim to know my mother’s wishes: please remember that we as a family went through every excruciating and painful detail of what was next. I had this talk with her, my mother had so much love for my father, she would never want him to be alone. My mom wanted him to be happy no matter what," she added, according to Pop Culture. 


On the other hand, Chapman is excited about his new life with Frane. When asked about his decision to get engaged, the reality star stated, "When you know, you know. I believe in marriage. Beth taught me," according to People. He even stated that he wanted a big wedding where he could invite his fans, too. "I've had so many fans ask 'When you marry Francie, are you going to let your fans come? So we're word negotiating right now because I want to open it up. I would love to have the biggest wedding there's ever been," said the reality star, according to The Sun. But Chapman stated that he still had to convince his fiance on the idea. 


"I'm sorry but that's just me. I hope I can talk Francie into it and open it to my fans, the 'Dog Pound,' to everybody. It would be one hell of a party, and it's just what people need right now. I told Francie, people they need a little love after being locked down. I love the idea of that," said Chapman, according to The Sun.