8 Beautiful Things You Cherish About The Time Spent With Your Grandma

8 Beautiful Things You Cherish About The Time Spent With Your Grandma

Grandmothers have a special place in kids' hearts, because nothing can ever compare to a grandma's unconditional love for her grandchildren.

Anyone who's been lucky enough to grow up around their grandmothers knows that nothing can ever replicate the warmth and comfort of a grandmother's love. The ease with which she loves you, the kindness and fondness she has for you, the security you feel when you're in her arms... no one comes remotely close to how loved she makes you feel. No matter how old you get, you'll always miss the love you got from your grandmother because it was the purest form of love you ever received.

And for those of you who missed out on the privilege of a childhood enriched with your grandmother's love, here's what it would have been like had you had your grandma around during your childhood.

1. She told you fascinating stories about where you came from

Your grandma was a repository of knowledge about family history, and she told you things about your parents that made you realize they, too, were once kids like you. She made them seem so much more relatable, and you felt more connected to them because of the embarrassing things she revealed about them. You found out what your ancestors did, and she enthralled you with stories and rumors about family members who were long gone by the time you were born. As a result of your grandmother's gift for story-telling, you feel so much more connected to your heritage now.


2. She was full of wisdom

She had already had an entire lifetime's worth of experience by the time you came around. So when the time came for you to experience the struggles and hurdles of life that she had already been through, you found that you could find reassurance in her words. She encouraged you to look at the bigger picture and gave you valuable advice on how to tide through your challenges. She taught you that everything was temporary, even pain, so you needed to focus on the good things in life while you had them.

3. She had a remedy for every ailment

No one knows how to make you feel better quite like grandma. If she weren't dropping a pungent concoction of herbs and spices down your throat when you were sick, she was giving you the warmest hug you'd ever received when she found out that you had your heart broken. She knew exactly what was missing from your diet, and she made sure that you had all the information you needed to be healthy and fit.

4. She was always happy to see you

A grandmother's love for her grandchild knows no bounds, and the joy on her face every time you came to visit warmed your heart and made you feel wanted and loved. She treasured spending time with you, and never failed to let you know how valuable you were to her. Even when you called her, she'd pick up the phone with a beaming smile, and you could hear the happiness in her voice every time she spoke to you.


5. She saw the infinite potential in you

No one believed in you quite as your grandma did. She saw not just the person you were but also the person you could be, and she encouraged you to follow your dreams. She knew how special and unique you were, even when the world tried to fit you in a box. She appreciated your talents, no matter how small they were, and she made you realize that you were capable of so much more than you knew.

6. She had the best recipes

When you've had a lifetime to perfect your recipes, you'd probably end up being as good a cook as your grandma was. Anyone who's ever had the good fortune of tasting their grandmother's cooking can attest to this.  She definitely knew how to satisfy the cravings of your palate with the simplest of recipes. And she loved you enough to remember what you liked to eat, and she made it for you every time you visited her.

7. She taught you to take a lighter look at life

Your grandmother had the best approach to dealing with the challenges life threw at her: she took them in her stride. She hardly ever let the struggles of life get to her. She always had a cheerful attitude, no matter how difficult a situation got. She had her priorities in place since she had lived for so long. She knew not to take things too seriously and was able to laugh at the absurdity of life.


8. She showed you what it truly meant to love unconditionally

No matter how many times you disappointed your family, how many times you fell and got back on your feet, and how many times you hit rock bottom, your grandmother never stopped loving you. She let you know that she would always be there to love you and support you, no matter how badly you messed up, and that was all the motivation you needed to keep going. She offered you comfort when you felt abandoned by the ones you loved, and she helped you see your self-worth when you were wounded by the people you trusted. Nothing truly can ever replace the love a grandmother has for her grandchildren.