Want A Firmer Derrière? 10 Exercises For A Tighter Butt

Want A Firmer Derrière? 10 Exercises For A Tighter Butt

The butt begins to change as you grow old. Here are some excercises proven to get you your dream glute within a short time.

There's no denying how you can look with the right posture. Everyone wants that hourglass figure, but not all of us have that kind of money to spend on implants, right? However, with the right exercise, that specifically focuses on your glute area, it's possible to get yourself a booty to die for. In the end, it all comes down to what exercises you choose and how committed you are to perfecting it. Here are ten exercises that can help you achieve the results you need.

1. Single-leg deadlift



Pick up a dumbbell, hold it with both your hands and slowly lean forward while raising one leg upward. It always helps to work on one side of the body. Also, you would want to ensure that it is your glute muscles working to move the weight. This is one of the best ways to improve your body symmetry and build strong glutes. Start using lighter weights in the beginning and then you can increase the weights for better results.

2. Sumo squats



There's no escaping squats when it comes to getting that Jennifer Lopez kinda buttocks. Sumo squat is your regular squat, but with a little difference. Widen the gap between your legs and do your squats. This also helps in toning your calf muscles. By doing this, it allows you to go much lower than your regular squat, which in turn makes your muscles work more than they normally would in a regular squat. It also activates your glutes and hamstrings to a greater degree.

3 Bulgarian split squat



This exercise is like a cross between a lunge and a squat, so it's obvious that the benefits of this exercise will be a combination of both squats and lunges. You would want to stand, facing your back to a stool, a stair or simply a slightly elevated ground. Place one leg up on the stool behind you and slowly bend down using the other. By pushing slowly with the heels will take the stress away from the quads and help you build a rounder glute.

4 Squat kickback


There are many variations to the simple squat which helps in toning your lower body and also getting that booty. Start with keeping your feet wide apart, shoulder and leg distance should be equal. As you rise, transfer your weight to one leg and kick back with the other leg. This is an exercise that targets both the hamstrings and glutes, and is perfect if you're looking to tone your butt and your posterior chain muscle.

5 Side lunge to crusty lunge


This exercise might seem tricky at the start, but once you get the hang of it, it will help you achieve the desired result. It is the best exercise for someone who is trying to tone their thighs along with their glutes. It requires you to stand with your feet apart, and then move one leg back while bending your other knee. This exercise pulls your legs away from your midline and targets your gluteus minimus and medius.

6 Hamstring curls



This one is a fun exercise that is more than your regular squats or lunges that work your butt and legs. You will have to lie down on your stomach and then raise your legs while tightening your muscles. This way, by squeezing your glutes for a 2-3 second window while at the peak of your motion, and keeping the muscles under constant tension, will help you get the best growth out of your glutes.

7. Step-up


This exercise is quite straightforward and is exactly like climbing the stairs. You'd have heard people say that taking the stairs is one of the best forms of exercise, and this is exactly why. It helps tone your muscles and firm your glutes. For this exercise, you can either hold your hands in front of your body, at the hip level with palms facing down, or simply interlock your fingers at the back of your head. Then slowly raise one leg up, before placing it back on the ground, followed by the other leg.

8. Side-leg raise


Working your glutes will require a lot of floor exercises like this one. You would want to lie down on the floor, on the left side of your body, resting your head on your left arm. Now, slowly raise your right leg up, and try to get it as close to 90 degrees as possible. It is important to remember that you don't strain your muscles to achieve the height. But once you riase it to the maximum your body allows, hold it there for five seconds, and then slowly lower it back to the ground. You can perform five reps on each side. 

9 Glute raise



Lie down on your back. Lay your arms parallel to your body and slowly lift up your glute and abdomen off the floor, while your arms and legs are still on the floor. Hold your body in this position for a few seconds before slowly bringing your body down. you would want to ensure you don't rush into the exercise, and perform it slowly. When done right, it will give maximum benefits!

10. Clamshell



This is an exercise that targets your inner thighs and helps share your butt better. You simply lie down on your side and raise one leg while both your feet are still on the floor, like a clam opening and closing its shell. Very simple, very easy, and with a world of benefits when done properly.

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