A Backyard 'Granny Pod' Is All You Need To Make Sure Your Aging Grandparents Never Feel Lonely Again

A Backyard 'Granny Pod' Is All You Need To Make Sure Your Aging Grandparents Never Feel Lonely Again

A nursing home is not an option and let them stay by themselves can be worse. But now, they can stay a few feet away from you and still have their own roof.

There's always that special place in your heart that is reserved just for your parents and it will never go away. Even as you have grown older and may even have become a parent yourself, you still love having them around and your kids have the most fun when grandpa and grandma are around.

While you may always want to keep them close, it can be difficult when you might move away or shift from one city to another. You can pack your books and you can pack your clothes, but you can't pack up the comforting feeling you get when your parents are around. That's what makes these 'granny pods' a must-need to keep your parents close and to let your kids have the irreplaceable joy of growing up with their grandparents.

Wondering what a granny pod is? It's a little, comfy cottage that can be turned into 'home sweet home' for your aging parents, but what makes it different is that it can be set up right in your backyard, according to Country Living.


This lets you spend time with your parents as they pass through their golden years of aging and your kids can run over to grandma and grandpa's whenever they want because they practically live next door. The granny pod comes with enough room for them to live comfortably, they can have extra fittings added for medical requirements, and best of all, it ensures that your parents can come home and sit down right next to you to enjoy a nice family dinner.

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Jane Baldwin, who's experienced the benefits of a granny pod firsthand, was able to live close to her family in California and leave behind the cold winters of Wyoming. More than anything, she no longer had to be alone. “I am in love with it,” said Jane, according to CNBC. "I can’t foresee leaving here until I’m dead."

One brand that builds cottages like these is MEDCottage, which helps in taking away the distance put between you and your parents. It doesn't take away the privacy and independence that your parents would want to enjoy, but they are still close enough to stay as connected as ever. And if you're moving, you can just make arrangements to shift the granny pod. FabCab is also another option that you can turn towards if you're warming up to the idea of a granny pod.


There's nothing that feels worse than dropping off your parents at a nursing home or a caregiving space for the elderly. Now, these granny pods help you avoid that. For all the years that they showered you with love and put a roof over your head, this could be your chance to give back some of the love that they selflessly filled your life with.

Eric Santolicito, always had plans of taking care of his parents as they grew older and these little cottages fit perfectly into his plan. "Building this house the way we did — it has alleviated a lot of stress for everyone in the family," he said, according to AARP.

They are also great when you don't have the finances to build a new home from scratch or buy another one. These ADUs or accessory dwelling units are just right.


"An ADU  occupies the same space as an apartment but makes it into a private, freestanding home. Privacy is something we all strive for. And families are happier because the TV can be as loud as you want without disturbing the grandkids doing homework," said Susan M. Duncan of the National Resource Center on Supportive Housing and Home Modification at the Ethel Percy Andrus Gerontology Center at the University of Southern California.


Keep your parents close and you will never regret having spent their golden years with them.