Woman Charged Nearly $51,000 For Baby's Birth, Sparks Outrage Over U.S. Healthcare System

Woman Charged Nearly $51,000 For Baby's Birth, Sparks Outrage Over U.S. Healthcare System

A new mom shared her hospital bill on TikTok after her baby's birth.

One mom's massive medical bill is raising questions as to why it is so expensive to have a baby in the U.S. TikToker Shannon Mayor (@shannonmayor) shared her hospital bill on the platform which showed that it was nearly a whopping $51,000! The new mom captioned the clip "I  expecting the total to be that high." With an image of her facepalm, the text overlay reads: "Holy sh*t you guys I just got our hospital bill from my baby's birth." The video has since garnered over 8 million views!


I wasn’t expecting the total to be that high 😅 ##hospitalbirth ##fyp ##bills

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Thanks to her insurance plan, Blue Cross Blue Shield covered the vast majority of the bill. Mayor mentioned in the comments: "Insurance details since I saw a lot of comments asking… this is blue cross blue shield PPO in California. I got it through my old job." While she only had to $250 eventually, some users in the comments said that it shouldn't even cost that much to have a baby. People from around the world left comments on the clip wondering why Americans pay so much for something as natural as childbirth. One person from the Philippines said it costs less than $20 and another joked that they're grateful to be in Europe. One American shared that their bill had come up to $300k! "We had a few complications and I still get sad that I didn't have the birth I hoped for but I'm so grateful for my healthy baby," Mayor added in the comments. 



The US is by far the most expensive place in the world to give birth or to receive any medical treatment, reports the BBC. Mari Roberts from Virginia had a bill that topped $100,000 after her baby daughter's birth. "I had a planned Caesarean section due to my placenta previa (a condition in which your placenta is too close to your cervix) but I got admitted to the hospital a month earlier for restricted bed rest," she said. "I was assuming it would cost around $1,000 a night but it turned out the hospital stay itself was $2,250 a night, which is ridiculously expensive. On top of that, we had to pay for everything. For example, an anaesthesiologist visited my room for a few minutes the day after I gave birth and that was $500." According to the outlet, some of the biggest costs included:
Hospital stay for 30 days: $67,375
Gynaecologist: $4,100
Anaesthetist: $2,086
Ultrasounds: $1,200-$1,600 each
Blood tests: $750-$959 each



While Roberts was able to have her expenses covered by an insurance plan not everyone is as lucky. "If you don't have health insurance in the US, hospitals and doctors will ask you to pay three to four times what someone with insurance will pay for the same service because no-one is negotiating rates on their behalf," said Gerard Anderson of the Johns Hopkins Centre for Hospital Finance and Management. So healthcare costs so much in the U.S does it mean it has the best healthcare system in the world? Prof William Haseltine, president of ACCESS Health International and a former professor at Harvard Medical School believes that France has the best healthcare system. "A uniform, high-quality medical service is available throughout the country and medical care is available to all, so no distinctions are made between rich and poor," said Haseltine,