Mother Reveals How A Kind Stranger Reminded Her She Was "Good Enough" For Her Baby As She Broke Down After Giving Birth

Mother Reveals How A Kind Stranger Reminded Her She Was "Good Enough" For Her Baby As She Broke Down After Giving Birth

Mothers are constantly worrying about their children but for new mothers, that fear is often magnified. For one young mother holding her newborn in a hospital ward, the kindness of a complete stranger offered the comfort she needed in the most unexpected way.

Being a first-time mom can be terrifying. The doubts you have about whether you're taking proper care of your newborn, or how you'll be as a mother when they start growing up can plague you. Sometimes, it can get a little hard to deal with on your own, especially in the beginning. No mother escapes it really, and that included author Amanda Jennings. Daily Mail reports the story.

Unsure of how to deal with the newborn who depended on her for everything, Jennings was overwhelmed with emotion as she sat with her baby in her arms, 21 years ago. Sobbing in a hospital ward right after having given birth, the young mother found comfort in the unexpectedly kind words of a complete stranger.

A woman who had just given birth to her third child, came into her ward, comforted her, and reminded her, "you are the best and only mum your baby wants".



In a Twitter thread, Jennings recalls and thanks the nameless stranger, who had just delivered her third child.

For a new mother who is afraid of doing the wrong thing or wonders how they'll ever be able to keep up, those words can go a long way in easing her fears. At one point when Jennings felt like she wouldn't be able to do a good job, she mentions that the stranger said "You're doing it just by being you. She is your daughter and you are her mum."



Now, a mother-of-three herself, Jennings said, "I think about that lovely woman a lot. It was such a simple gesture. So lovely. I felt very lost, unsure how to soothe my baby, out of my depth, and she was like an angel. I often pass her message on to other new mums. These small acts of kindness are so important."



 If anyone has ever said that motherhood is easy and natural, they clearly haven't seen the struggle that new mothers face. So when Jennings asked mothers from the Twitterverse to share their similar new-mother stories, the response was overwhelming.

One user shared her story where she received the same kind of support when she was with her 1-month adopted 3-year-old son:







Another woman with a heart-breaking story of a miscarriage shared that there was a nurse who was ready to comfort her. A happy ending was the icing on that cake:



One Twitter user shared that years ago, she too received words of encouragement:



When a new mother loses her child, it can be devastating to deal with, let alone on her own. But this nurse understood:





But these are not the only stories that will warm your heart. Sometimes, mothers who have more than one child need a little bit of kindness to show that they're doing fine. 

One mother stated, "I remember flying to Italy with my two kids aged three and a half and six months just after my marriage split up and a lovely man could see I was struggling and held my baby for a while. I’ve never forgotten him. People don’t know the impact of small kindnesses."

Another mother posted, "I was 25, with a newborn, 22 month old, 3 yr old and almost 6 yr old, in church. One lady tells me I need to take 3 yr old and spank him because he couldn’t sit still. About to cry, another came up and whispered 'don’t listen to that old biddy, you’re doing great keep it up!'"

And it's not just the women who are helping out. This mother said, "One day with my <1yr old son in a buggy I was trying to go up a long flight of stairs. A lovely man in a suit said 'here, let me help' and grabbed the front, lifting it up and between us we made the long flight of stairs. Such simple kindness was so appreciated."

With so many such stories, it shows us a few things:

One. Mothers, new and old, you're doing a great job. It's not easy and your ability to get through it is inspiring. 

Two. A little kindness can go a long way.

Three. This chain of kindness is what makes us human.