Ashley Cain Heartbroken As 8-Month-Old Daughter Loses Fight To Cancer | Says "Will Always Hold You In My Heart."

Ashley Cain Heartbroken As 8-Month-Old Daughter Loses Fight To Cancer | Says "Will Always Hold You In My Heart."

Ashley Cain's daughter began her battle with cancer

No parent can ever bear the pain of losing their child. Unfortunately, fate is unstoppable. Ashley Cain and his partner, Safiyya Vorajee are mourning the loss of their beautiful baby girl. According to People, the couple lost their 8-month-old Azaylia Diamond to leukemia. The Challenge star announced the tragedy on April 25, 2021, on Instagram."Rest In Paradise Princess πŸ‘ΌπŸΌπŸŒˆ I will always hold you in my heart until I can hold you again in heaven ❀️😒 #AzayliaDiamondCain," wrote the heartbroken father. 


The mother of the child also took to social media to talk about the loss. "You are my Angel my heartbeat my soul, RIP my precious baby, you will always be with me like a handprint on my heart," she wrote. 

The death comes just days after Cain revealed his daughter only had a few days ahead of her.  Though doctors had given up on the girl, Cain remained in good spirits and hoped for a miracle. Speaking to his fans on Instagram on April 23, 2021, he stated that the doctors had advised him to make the most out of the little time he had left with his baby girl. 


"You can understand what that message means but the fact of the matter is that you make the most of it every day and we enjoy every day," said Cain. He added, "I'll tell you one thing, I ain't got no plans for going anywhere this weekend. I'm an optimist. I'm a believer. I have a positive mind frame and I know her strength and I know mine." 

Azaylia began her cancer battle in October 2020. Since then, the couple shared every detail of her health and their struggles on social media. In March 2021, the reality star announced that his daughter had suffered a major relapse, leaving them with limited life-saving options.


In a recent post, Vorajee stated how her  "heart instantly overflows with abundance of love" when she saw her baby girl.

She also added, "Feeling the heartache more and more today, as the Nurses woke me up this morning for a home visit & told me to enjoy the weekend as they now think her body is slowly shutting down. I got told this a couple of weeks ago and she has stayed so strong through this I'm so proud of how strong you are Azaylia."


The devastated mother went on to say, "Hearing these words, rips, and tears my heart and soul into pieces watching my little girl get tired is painful but giving her 100% everyday is what she was promised, even when her eyes are closed I talk sing and shake her fav rattles so she is constantly surrounded by a positive vibe." 

She also stated how much she valued the seconds she got to spend with her little girl.  "Appreciating the day the hour and the min is something I never thought I would do as we all take life for granted. Azaylia [you're] my inspiration & my hero mummy loves you. For everyone reading this Have a lovely day enjoy your moments they are special," said the mother.