Artist Creates a Stunning Dress Out of 2,000 Pennies

Artist Creates a Stunning Dress Out of 2,000 Pennies

She is well-known for her creative and fun projects that involve making clothing out of creative materials.

Shay Rose created a glittering evening dress with pennies that is clearly an incredible piece of art. The artist who goes by the name Crescent Shay on Instagram created this dress with cross-back straps and a bottom fringe from about 2,000 pennies. The 22-year-old creator is well-known for her innovative creations on social media, reports My Modern Met. Shay gathered hundreds of pennies for her project, which she properly cleaned before drilling holes in the sides. This enabled her to put the copper pieces together and form the dress's bodice and skirt. 

Shay wore the finished garment in her Instagram images, highlighting the gleaming look of the coins in sunlight. When viewed from a distance, the 2,652 pennies appear to be sequined. Close inspection of the gown reveals Shay's painstaking attention to detail in weaving all of the coins together in a tight chainmail design. She captioned the photo, "I love how you can actually see each individual penny and how they makeup the top, but when you step back it all burs together into this sparkly shiny piece.' She added, "This is just a quick shoot in my backyard, but hopefully I’ll be able to do a nicer photoshoot later this year - I think nice penny dress photos could look so cool, especially in because it reflects light so beautifully!" 

She also "made a full 10 minute video" on how she made the dress. The video shows,"a bunch more detail and takes you through the full process of making this dress." Rose is well-known for her creative projects. Last year, she created a green-screen dress that looks like it is changing colors, per My Modern Met. The dress and matching cloak allowed her to virtually wear the outfit in a variety of colours utilising special effects. She stitched her outfit and cape together with brilliant green cloth, then added greenscreen effects with the VITA video editing tool.

Shay models her greenscreen dress in a TikTok video, and it looks completely spectacular. It transforms from a solid green to appear to be comprised of clouds, stars, and even the ocean. She keeps on making such beautiful and creative clothes and even take suggestions from her followers. In addition to that, she posts tutorials for her projects that allows anybody to recreate her designs.