7 Arguments Which Say That Your Relationship May Be In Worse Shape Than You Realized

7 Arguments Which Say That Your Relationship May Be In Worse Shape Than You Realized

Respect and love are inevitable for the success of any relationship. As years pass by, the couple may face problems which may come out in the form of arguments. These may not be healthy for the relationship.

How much ever we love a person, arguments tend to occur. In most cases, it is very healthy as it allows two individuals to open up. It also gives them the opportunity to have a conversation about things that might have been bothering them for long. Such arguments are clearly very positive. However, sometimes it can negatively impact your relationship and may be a sign of your dying relationship. Here are a few arguments that are a warning sign:

1. Arguments that focus on changing you or your partner

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Change is not a bad thing at all. Improving yourself to become better is great and sometimes it is inevitable in relationships. However, if your partner is pushing you to become someone you are not, it becomes negative. Arguments which are based on this may quickly escalate into bigger issues affecting the relationship with your partner. You can surely advise them but trying to bring change by force will just be counterproductive.

2. Arguments over financial issues

Managing finances is part and parcel of any long term relationship. The arguments regarding money can arise from simple disagreements such as where to invest, how much to invest etc. It is possible to sort out such an issue with proper research and discussing the issue. However, in some relationships, disagreements over finances are combined with the ego of the partners. The person who earns more may feel that they need to control the money. This kind of attitude can lead to a power struggle between the two partners. And can cause lasting damage to the relationship.

3. Arguments that are more on winning that finding a solution

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Compromises are a secret to any relationship. If you love your partner, you focus on resolving the issues than trying to prove that you are always correct. A competition among partners may not serve well for any relationship. Partners tend to lose focus and concentrate on petty issues that might worsen the status of your relationship. The best thing to do is to concentrate on the root cause and work together to make things better.

4. Arguments about the spark dying

Sometimes partners may not be on the same page in a relationship. After a few years, you might be feeling a difference in the way your relationship is going or may not share the same feelings as your partner. Though these thoughts may be buried inside you for long, the frustration may soon see light in the form of an explosive argument. This usually leads to partners pinpointing at each other and maybe the cause for a split.

5. Arguments over intimacy

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While discussing sex and talking about what you like in bed is normal, you know its trouble with the discussion turns into an argument. Intimacy is a big part of any successful romantic relationship. The physical synergy that they share as lovers has the power to make or break a relationship. However, a small crack in the relationship may also be reflected in the intimacy they share. When the bond fails outside the bedroom, the spark inside the bedroom also fails. If an argument about intimacy arises, it means that one of the partners or both may not be sexually satisfied in the relationship.

6. Arguments to prove your point

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Relationships are the coming together of two different individuals, each with a unique outlook to life. The success of any relationship is in understanding and respecting each other. Though two partners have varying interests and preferences when they are in a relationship they tend to empathize with one another. When this stops happening, the relationship is affected.

7. Arguments over life goals 

Though the partners in the relationship are different, they have mutual respect for each other's goals. When they get into a committed relationship, partners usually talk about such things and therefore have an idea. However, if your partner starts arguing over this suddenly, you may need to rethink the status of your relationship and where it is heading to.