Watch Adam Sandler's Heartbreaking Musical Tribute To Late Friend Chris Farley On SNL Stage After 25 Years

Watch Adam Sandler's Heartbreaking Musical Tribute To Late Friend Chris Farley On SNL Stage After 25 Years

Adam Sandler and Chris Farley spent years together performing on various shows. Their friendship remains strong even after the death of Farley. Sandler sang in memory of his friend cherishing their wonderful moments together on the SNL stage

Some people say, "friendships last a lifetime," but isn't it true that it lasts beyond life. Nothing can take away the love you have for your friend, no distance nor death. They may not be beside you but their presence is always around you. Their memories are still alive in you such that their jokes still make you laugh and their words still warm your spirit. Adam Sandler, the man who has never failed to crack us up with his charming smile and natural sense of humor took to the stage of Saturday Night Live to honor his dearest co-performer and late friend Chris Farley. 


According to CNN, the comedian and actor who returned to host the Saturday Night Live after 25 years of leaving the show did not forget to cherish his memorable days with co-cast and friend Chris Farley. Sandler who appeared on the dimly-lit stage wearing an olive jacket and baggy jeans spend the last few minutes of the show playing his electric guitar, singing a heartfelt song to his friend. "First time I saw him he was sweeter than honey," sang Sandler as he began his musical dedication quoted CBS. He remembered how the stories of Farley brought a smile to the faces of everyone who knew him.


"Plaid jacket and belt too tight and he wasn't even being funny. Then he cartwheeled 'round the room and slow-danced with the cleaning lady ― he was a one-man party. You know who I'm talking about. I'm talking about my friend Chris Farley," sang Sandler as the audience roared and cheered him with applause. The actor and comedian continued his melodious performance recalling even the little things about his long gone friend. With the archival footage of Farley playing on the stage, Sandler recalled how he saw Farley tearing up in the office listening to a song thinking of his dad. 


During the four and a half minute emotional tribute, Sandler shared his happy and sad memories with his late friend, each line reminding the audience of how much he missed Farley's presence.

He continued the song singing about the "last big hang" they shared at SNL alumni Tim Meadows' wedding party, recollecting how they laughed together because of Farley and his humor. "But a few months later, the party came to an end," Sandler sang as his voice began to break. "We flew out to Madison to bury our friend. Nothing was harder than saying goodbye."


Sandler wrapped up his tribute telling how Farley's videos make his children laugh and with a cracking voice asked the audience to cheer as loud as they could so "maybe he'll hear us." The audience rose and cheered Sandler as he summed up the tribute which left a bittersweet feeling.


Sandler and Farley met each other at the sets of SNL in the 90s. They shared the stage together and were part of many hit shows, becoming two major stars of the decade. Moreover, they became best friends. Sandler's performance was his way of expressing his loss and his everlasting friendship with Farley who passed away in 1997 due to an overdosage after being fired from SNL in 1995, along with Sandler.