Newborn Baby Buried Alive Was Pulled Out From The Ground In A Rescue Mission | He Miraculously Survived

Newborn Baby Buried Alive Was Pulled Out From The Ground In A Rescue Mission | He Miraculously Survived

The child was dumped in a shallow grave and was spotted by a local who came to work in the field.

Trigger warning: Contains graphic details that may be distressing to some.

A farmworker who went out to the fields, like any other normal day, was shocked to find the head of a newborn baby poking out of the ground from a shallow grave in a field in Khatima.

The innocent child, buried alive and abandoned in the Indian state of Uttarakhand, was found covered with mud and sent local residents in a state of panic to save the child, according to The Sun.


It was unclear for how long the infant was trapped in the shallow grave before residents pulled the child out of the ground. The face of the rescued baby boy was caked with mud and had grime all over his face and hair.

The residents could not even tell at first if the child was still alive as he lay motionless. But the rescuers continued wrapping the child in a blanket while yelling instructions to each other, as shown in the captured video.


After being rushed to the hospital, the baby was in a stable condition and survived the horrifying ordeal of being dumped in the shallow grave. According to the Daily Mail, the baby recovered in the hospital and was adopted by a woman from the area.

The video from the incident also included a shot of the baby finally cleaned up and sleeping soundly in a warm blanket, and is hopefully on his way to a bright future after the miraculous rescue.


A similar incident that took place in Northern India led to the discovery of an abandoned baby while two parents were having a grave dug up for their own stillborn child.

The bereaved parents, Hitesh and Vaishali Kumar had taken their stillborn daughter's body to a crematorium, "where the labours were digging a grave. Suddenly, a labour's spade hit a pot. It was kept in a bag," Hitesh recalled after the 2019 incident, as quoted by The Sun.

"When they took the bag out, they found a baby wrapped in a cloth. She was alive and crying," Hitesh went on to say.

"At one point I thought my daughter has come alive but the voice was actually coming from the pot. We couldn’t understand much and asked the guard to have a look at it. When the pot was opened, a baby girl was kept inside. I immediately called an ambulance and informed police to ensure that her life was saved."


Surviving the unimaginable experience of being sealed in a clay pot and buried three feet underground, the abandoned 3-day-old baby was rushed to the hospital where doctors deemed her a "fighter."

"Premature babies often need less oxygen supply to survive, she truly is a fighter," said Doctor Saurabh Anjan. "She must be receiving some oxygen when buried in the grave through the pores in the soil which was possibly loose as the grave must be fresh."

As investigations ensued into the incident that took place in Uttar Pradesh, police chief Abhinandan Singh said at the time, "We are trying to find the parents of the baby and we suspect that this must have happened with their consent."


Back then, it was also reported that Hitesh and Vaishali were thinking of adopting the rescued newborn after having lost their own stillborn daughter.

While speaking to local reporters after the incident, Vaishali's sister, Pooja said, as quoted by the Daily Mail, "My sister and her husband were devastated after they gave birth to a stillborn but this baby has given some hopes to them. They are willing to adopt her and will approach the child welfare committee once she is completely healed and fit enough to go home."