Man, Abandoned In Stroller As A Baby, Reunites With Mom 57 Years Later: "Dreams Do Come True"

Man, Abandoned In Stroller As A Baby, Reunites With Mom 57 Years Later: "Dreams Do Come True"

All John Hacking knew about his birth mom was her name Maureen Clifford and that she disappeared without leaving a trace.

A heartbreakingly sweet moment unfolded in Kent last year when a man, who was abandoned in a pram as a baby, was reunited with his mother. After 57 years of not knowing anything about his biological mother and wondering why she left him, John Hacking finally got the chance to meet her. "It’s a weight off my shoulders, all these years of trying to find my mother and it’s finally happened," he said of the teary reunion. "I feel my life is complete now. A lot of people think I am a lot calmer, more relaxed, and more happy now too. Dreams do come true." 

When Hacking was abandoned near a flat in Buxton, Derbyshire, a couple, fortunately, found him in the rain and took him in. The kind stranger became his adoptive parents and brought him up but tragically, his adoptive mother passed away when he was young. Hacking, who is a quarry worker now, was left without a mother. All he knew about his birth mom was her name Maureen Clifford and the fact that she disappeared without leaving a trace. But he was determined to find his real mother at all cost and spent many decades looking for her. 



He went through phone books and visited libraries hoping to find some information about her, but instead ended up having more questions than answers, reports The Sun. It was not until ITV’s Long Lost Family took up the challenge to locate her, that Clifford was found. When the 57-year-old finally met his mother, their tears expressed more than words ever could. "I’ve got a son. That’s the most important thing in my life. I’ve got everything to live for now," said 77-year-old Maureen who was elated to see her son after 57 years. "I’ve never forgotten you, darling, never. I didn’t want to hand you over, but it was a matter of having to," expressed Maureen after hugging her dear son.

Describing the circumstances surrounding her pregnancy, Maureen said, "I was living in this room. It was just a little square and it was a hovel. It was disgusting, that place. And I was desperate." The show went on to reveal how the mother, who had a bad experience while growing in care, was afraid that authorities would take her son away from her. "I knew if the authorities came, they only had to look at the place I was living in [and] they would have taken him," she explained. "And I wasn’t having that because then he would have been stuck in a home. And there’s one thing that I didn’t want, him going into a home." 



When the show's host Nicky Cambell asked the elderly woman why she left her young son on the doorsteps of her neighbors years ago, the 77-year-old insisted that she did not abandon her helpless toddler, but left her outside the home of neighbors she knew quite well. Apparently, Hacking's adoptive parents were also his godparents when his mother left him. According to the Sun, the 57-year-old's adoptive parents allegedly told Maureen that they would take care of her son if she felt she could no longer look after him. But when the time came to hand him over to the neighbors, she decided to flee the scene as the whole situation was "too emotional" for her. 

It was revealed that Maureen, who now goes by Maureen Jobson, lives alone in Sheerness, Kent, and was recently widowed. Maureen, who married twice, never had any other child and believed that it was punishment for giving up Hacking. The emotional reunion was filmed at a pub situated near Maureen’s home back in November. Now she speaks to her son almost every day and the two of them have visited each other many times. "I have been looking forward to something like this for such a long time," said Maureen of the latest development in her life.