A Strong Woman Follows Her Heart And Doesn't Care To Play By Your Rules

A Strong Woman Follows Her Heart And Doesn't Care To Play By Your Rules

She is kind yet fierce. Loyal yet fearless.

Everyone likes a strong woman until she stands up for herself and chooses to say no. Then, she is suddenly seen as arrogant and difficult. But an independent woman knows how society labels strong women, yet she doesn't try to fit in. Her looks, career, talent, and other visible traits may matter to some extent, but a fierce woman's strength lies in her fearlessness. She may appear gentle, kind, and sweet. Or she may appear forthright, direct, and cold. What guides her is her spirited heart that isn't afraid to call a spade a spade.

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If you are a strong woman, you will resonate with these truths.

You know yourself better than those who preach. Follow your heart.

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All the society wants to do is mold you so it can feel powerful. People may judge you based on what they see. They may assume your kindness as your weakness. Yet you choose to be kind. They may assume your independence as arrogance. Yet you choose to never depend on anyone but yourself. They may fear your courage as rebelion. Yet you continue to fight for what you think is right. There will always be people who want to put you in a box and label you. But you never wait for them to approve your way of life. As a strong woman, you follow your heart.

There will always be people who want to see you fail. But keep going strong.

When you fall, there will be many to jeer and tell you why you should never attempt again. Those who are insecure about themselves will project their fears on to you. But as a strong woman, you choose to never listen to the "should not" and "must not" and you guard your "I can" and "I will" fiercely. When you do reach where you want to, people will still find ways to pin their criticism on you. Like they say, haters gonna hate. Do your best. Stay strong, stay kind.

Be kind, yet fierce. Never apologize for putting yourself first.

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Physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially—you have the right to take care of yourself and protect yourself from being taken for a ride. Do what makes you comfortable. Do what it takes to keep yourself healthy and happy. Toxic people who are not happy with themselves can never be happy for you. They will often use guilt and emotional manipulation to get to you. But keep your boundaries strong. Don't forget that self-care is NOT selfish. Like they say, only if your jar is full, can you fill other cups. A strong woman loves her family and friends, yet she doesn't believe in sacrificing her needs or happiness for others. She loves from a place of fullness, not emptiness. Whenever needed she will go within alone, take time to recoup, and come back stronger than ever.

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