Prematurely Born Girl Child Was Put Up For Adoption Right After Birth | She Found A New Mom And Dad on Mother's Day

Prematurely Born Girl Child Was Put Up For Adoption Right After Birth | She Found A New Mom And Dad on Mother's Day

She was born with a lot of health issues and her new parents mer her in the NICU.

A prematurely born child has been adopted on Mother's day weekend after being put up for adoption shortly after her birth.

Laura and James Cobb received a call from the adoption agency that there was a sick child in the need of a family just before Mother's Day 2021. They had been trying to conceive a child for seven years. However, after trying for many years they were told that they won't be able to have a biological child, reports Atrium Health

The couple decided to adopt but the process was exhausting and hopeless unless they received that call about a child in a local hospital. Laura said, "My husband and I were like, 'No, we've prayed enough! This is what we've been praying for! This is our daughter!' " She added, "We are her parents, that is it. And so, we met her the very next day." 




Laura and James met Evelyn in the hospital just 10 days after she was born last year, on Mother's Day weekend, after receiving the news. She was born prematurely and had a variety of health issues, including pulmonary hypertension, renal failure, and a possible brain damage, reports PEOPLE. Cobb told WSCO-TV, "That was on Friday, we met our daughter on the next day, Saturday. And I spent my very first Mother’s Day in the NICU holding my baby girl."

Laura said, "At first, I didn't want to leave Evelyn because I didn't want her to feel alone, but she wasn't alone." She said that the child was, "so loved by the nurses and doctors, who were amazing." "They were her family before we were," she added.




She recalls the moment she met her daughter, "At that very moment everything was worth it. Every wound, anxiety went out the window." 

Evelyn has now recovered from her health issues and is celebrating the mother's day weekend with her new family. Laura said, "Because Mother's Day weekend is the weekend we met Evelyn, it's our family weekend." She further added, "It's not about me. It's about Evelyn, and it's about honoring her birth mom. I've never met someone as strong and courageous and faith-filled as her birth mom – she's amazing."




Dr. Jessica Clarke-Pounder cared for Evelyn and even gave her a pink suit immediately after her birth. She continues to receive updates about the child. Laura said, "One day I'm going to show Evelyn this outfit. And I'm going to tell her, 'This was from your doctor – she loved you before I even met you.' " Laura describes Evelyn who was now turned 1 this year, "She’s just the happiest girl. She wakes up smiling, she goes to bed smiling, she’s just so happy."




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