The Volkswagen Microbus Will Soon Be Back On The Road And Nostalgia Is Not Far Behind!

The Volkswagen Microbus Will Soon Be Back On The Road And Nostalgia Is Not Far Behind!

Volkswagen will launch the latest ID Buzz into production by 2022. The model will give you the retro feels of the Micrbus from decades ago.

With the colors and the road trip vibe, it is as 70s as a vehicle can get. If you don't remember seeing these vans in nostalgic movies, you would definitely remember the Volkswagen microbus from the Scooby Doo cartoons that remind you of your childhood! According to the latest reports, the nostalgic ride will be back on the road soon. The iconic van that brought together family, friends, strangers, vagrants, animals giving out the message of community and fun travels will soon be reincarnated in a new style with the latest technology.


According to Delish.com, Volkswagen is all set to introduce its latest ID Buzz concept, an all-electric tribute to the iconic microbus that made VW the darling of its generation. Herbert Diess, the brand chief of VW announced the legendary decision of the company to introduce the retro-styled ID Buzz ‘Microbus’ into production by 2022. However, he has not confirmed the date of the arrival of these vehicles in the market.



"Emotional cars are very important for the brand. We are selling loads of Beetles still, particularly in US markets. But we will also have the Microbus that we showed, which we have recently decided we will build," Diess said at the launch ceremony of the new VW Polo, according to Auto Express.

The ID Buzz concept was first introduced at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit in January. The reaction received by the concept was so positive that the German automaker considered its production. The ride built on the VW's new Modular Electric Drive (MEB) platform has been inspired by the Type 2 Microbus of the 1950s.


The MEB platform is fund to be ideal to recreate a modern version of the original Microbus. The platform gives the opportunity to install the batteries and electric motors on the floor, giving a lot of room to its passengers and also adding cargo space. Keeping the drivetrain components on the floor also means that the ID Buzz would not have to compromise its iconic flat face to meet the modern crash safety standards.




Described as a vehicle that “transfers a Microbus feeling into the future,” the ID Buzz includes retro design cues such as the two-tone paint job, blunt front end and large VW badge, but the space-age interior, huge 22-inch wheels, and wraparound LED lights modernize the design.

The new vehicle will not only transport you to your golden days but will also allow you to reintroduce your favorite ride to your children with improved facilities, making it the perfect vehicle for your family to get down to the beach or go on a road trip.


“We would like to bring this back because it fits so well to what the brand stands for: it’s emotional, it has functionality, it makes your life easier. With the MEB platform, this is the chance now to get the proportions back," said Oliver Stefani, design chief of VW to Autoexpress. He also added that the new vehicle and interior which will be one class higher than the old vehicle.


The ID Buzz launched with all the latest technology will also attract a lot of youngsters who have only seen the vehicle in vintage shows and TV shows. The concept introduced also had many autonomous features. However, it is not sure if these capabilities would be ready by 2020.




Though a lot of information on the relaunch is not clear, the return of the Microbus is exciting and thrilling for the fans of this iconic ride who look forward to the arrival of the new revamped model on roads. Not only is it nostalgic but a great opportunity for this generation to breathe in the air of the 70s.





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