'Married...With Children' Is Coming Back With The Original Cast

'Married...With Children' Is Coming Back With The Original Cast

Several spin-offs had been attempted throughout the original show's run, but all of them failed.

The original cast of the show is working on a new version of Married...with Children

Ed O'Neill, Katey Sagal, Christina Applegate, and Dave Faustino are all set to reprise their roles as Al, Peggy, Kelly, and Bud Bundy in an animated reboot of the famous '90s comedy, according to several sources, reports Too Fab.

Multiple outlets have indicated "strong interest" in the idea, which isn't set up for a single network or streamer yet, according to Deadline. Alex Carter, the showrunner and executive producer of Family Guy is writing the project. The original program aired on Fox for a decade, from 1987 to 1997, with 11 seasons. Several spin-offs had been attempted throughout the original show's run, but all of them failed.




Before releasing the animated series, Sony Pictures Television, which owns and distributes the original series, worked on it for nearly a year and signed deals with the four actors of Married...with Children. The show was one of the first original scripted programs on the then-fledgling network, helping to put it on the map and develop its edgy comic identity. As of now, Hulu and Peacock are two streaming services that carry the original series, and adding the new installment would complement their present offering while also attracting new viewers to older episodes. 




Reports from six years ago talked about Faustino presenting a concept to Sony about a divorced and suffering Bud going back to the old house with his ex-wife and closest friend, while Al and Peg live in Vegas after winning the jackpot. The possible spinoff apparently got close to reality, supported by original co-creator Moye as executive producer/showrunner and Sony TV, but was ultimately canceled due to concerns from the son of Leavitt, the other co-original creator.




The other original cast members are thought to be supportive of the project, although, in interviews, they have mainly discounted the possibility of a full-fledged Married... with Children revival due to their hectic schedules. The concept for an animated series gradually evolved since it readily fits performers' prior obligations while retaining certain trademark components of the original series, such as its iconic theme tune, Frank Sinatra's "Love and Marriage."

O'Neill's Modern Family concluded in 2020, while Sagal recently appeared in the one-season comedy Rebel and The Conners. She also appeared in Applegate's Netflix series Dead to Me, which returns for its final season later this year.




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