So A Giant Idaho Potato Has Been Converted Into A $200-a-night Airbnb Rental And The Photos Will Amaze You

So A Giant Idaho Potato Has Been Converted Into A $200-a-night Airbnb Rental And The Photos Will Amaze You

It's not your average Airbnb stay. For a change, you can be inside a potato instead of a potato being inside you.

Do you remember our childhood days where we dreamed of living in fancy doll houses and small comfy corners with cushions and fluffy pillows? If you are one of those normal kids with weird imaginations and if you love an adventurous stay, here's a hotel you can pick out for your next vacation. It's not one of those fancy hotel rooms, but a giant potato. 

According to the New York Post, a 6-ton potato prop has been converted into an Airbnb accommodation in Idaho after a 6-year tour around the US, promoting the state's crop. After the completion of the tour, the organizers were not very sure of what to do with the giant prop. However, house developer Kristie Wolfe knew exactly what was to be done with the large potato. 


The woman who spent two years on the tour with the spud always wanted to turn it into a rental. “I had the perfect lot and someday I was going to get that potato and turn it into something cool,” she told the outlet quoted New York Post.

In a grand ceremony, the Idaho Potato Commission announced the opening of the rental. “For #EarthDay a 6 ton Idaho Potato has been officially recycled as an Airbnb, now called the Big Idaho Potato Hotel!” said the commission's Facebook post. 


The organizers said that it is the perfect opportunity for anyone to experience what it is to be inside a potato. 

"If you really just wanted to know what it’s like to be inside a potato as opposed to having a potato inside you, here’s a great opportunity to experience it. The room doesn't have TV, but you can spend time admiring the hills and they promise potato-based snacks!" said Frank Muir, the Idaho Potato Commission president, and CEO. 


Constructed with steel, plaster, and concrete, the giant potato is located in a huge field with the views of the Owyhee Mountains. The interior of the prop is well equipped with a room for two - with one queen-size bed, a small bathroom, kitchenette, fireplace, and air-conditioning.  The pink stylish Instagrammable decor, elk antler chandelier, cute house plants, and views of South Idaho’s Owyhee Mountains will attract anyone. 


The potato which measures, 28 feet long, 12 feet wide, and 11.5 feet tall, costs $200 a night, plus a $31 service fee and $16 in occupancy taxes and fees, bringing the total price of a one-night stay to $247.


The Big Idaho Potato Hotel now listed on the Airbnb site has already become a star on social media. While a lot of people were excited about staying in a potato not everyone was happy about it. "Only one door and no windows...what if it becomes a baked potato? There’s no way I could sleep in there," said someone. Another person who was dissatisfied with the pricing of the place said, "$200 a night for 96 sq ft or you could rent an entire modern home for $109 a night....hmmmm."

Though many people were not sure of the comfort factor, the Big Idaho Potato Hotel is the perfect place to enjoy a quirky experience.