A Couple Was Arrested After A Video Revealed They Allegedly Gave Their Baby A Shot Of Vodka

A Couple Was Arrested After A Video Revealed They Allegedly Gave Their Baby A Shot Of Vodka

Concerned citizens tipped off police authorities and social services after a 14-second clip displayed two parents allegedly making a baby drink alcohol.

A couple in Kent, England, has been arrested on suspicion of child cruelty after a video emerged of them allegedly giving their baby a shot of alcohol. In the 14-second clip, which went viral shortly after it was shared on social media, a woman who is thought to be the child's mother pours clear liquid from what looks like a bottle of vodka. A man standing nearby, who appears to be the baby's father, does not intervene as this takes place. Social media users expressed their concern online and Kent Police later arrived at their household to arrest the couple, Lad Bible reports.


The police were called in to the couple's property in Dover, Kent, in the early hours of June 21 to respond to reports of a disturbance. A spokesperson for the police department released a statement following the couple's arrest. "Upon attending, officers were made aware of concerns for a child at an address in the area," they shared. "Actions were taken to safeguard those involved and a man and a woman were arrested on suspicion of child cruelty later the same day." According to the police department, the couple has since been bailed out. Further to this, an investigation is currently ongoing.


In addition to the Kent Police Department, local social service authorities were also tipped off about the incident by locals who happened to view the clip. However, after the parents were granted bail, it appears that the baby has continued to remain in the parents' custody. Social media users, concerned about the child's safety, have expressed their distress online. One woman, whose identity has been kept anonymous, stated, "It is very sad. I posted about it on Facebook but it kept getting removed. I have contacted social services who said the baby is safe, but they are still with their parents."


Many took to Twitter to demand answers from the authorities. "How can anyone outside that home know the child is truly safe?" One Twitter user asked in a post uploaded to the social media platform. "It is cruel to send the little thing back to the parents. The parents need to do some serious time in a facility to teach them better parenting skills. In the meantime, we pray for the little one's safety." As per the Kent City Council, authorities have been made aware of the matter and social services are taking action at the earliest. A spokesperson affirmed, "I can confirm social services are aware of this and have taken appropriate action."