9-YO Runs To Her Father Crying "Dad I've been killed!" After Being Shot By Neighbor | Dies In His Arms

9-YO Runs To Her Father Crying "Dad I've been killed!" After Being Shot By Neighbor | Dies In His Arms

Felicia Kononchuk recorded a video on TikTok before her death. She said she was scared her neighbor would break into her house.

Trigger warning: The story contains details of the murder

A 9-year-old went through a horrific series of events before she lost her life. Felicia Kononchuk was terrified when her neighbor Vasily Dunets began banging at her door and making obscene comments while her father was away. The frightened young girl feared something bad was going to happen. So, the little girl made a video on TikTok and spoke of her helpless situation.

She said, "We have a neighbor here, drunk, knocking on our door, breaking it. Shouting obscene words. I'm just scared... He is totally... I'm scared… My dad went to the shop. I don’t know what to do, he will just break our door now and that's it. I'm very scared, my heart is beating… He’s been knocking for about an hour. It’s tough... My youngest brother just hid..."


Shortly after, the banging on the door stopped and the girl was relieved. She was happy that her worst fears did not become true. Soon, her father, Fyodor returned home. Moments later, the little girl heard a soft knock on her door. Thinking that it was a friend of her's, who had come to pick her up for a walk,  she quickly went ahead to open the door. However, the unexpected happened. 

On opening the door, Felicia was shocked at the sight that awaited her on the other side. Instead of her friend's smiling face, Felicia was faced with her neighbor Vasily, standing with a 12 caliber hunting rifle. Immediately, the 33-year-old man barraged her with gunshots. According to The Sun, some of the bullets penetrated through the metal door, one of which hit the little girl on her head. 

Recalling the heartbreaking incident, the father of the young girl stated, "I ran into the corridor and saw my daughter covered in blood. She croaked: ‘Dad, I’ve been killed!'"


He continued, "I took her in my arms and shouted to my son and the repair workers to call an ambulance. My daughter died in my arms. When the ambulance arrived, I carried her to them but the doctors said that she had no chance to survive."

The devastated father posted a video of his baby girl lying in her coffin. He said, "My daughter’s body is in the soil and her soul is in heaven." The child's mother Alena too could not bear the pain of losing her little girl. Reminiscing her, she said, Felicia was "so cheerful and bright."


Meanwhile, Alena stated that the family previously had a good relationship with their neighbor Vasily. However, the rift occurred after he was angered by the noise that was created due to some underway repair works at their house.

Additionally, there were also claims that Felicia's father allegedly kicked the man during a fight. But Fyodor said that he told Vasily he was not interested in conversing with a drunk man. He even advised him to go and sleep. 

Vasily was charged with the murder of Felicia and is awaiting trial.