9-YO Girl’s Picture Was Circulated as One of Uvalde Shooting Victims | She Survived but ‘Has a Long Recovery'

9-YO Girl’s Picture Was Circulated as One of Uvalde Shooting Victims | She Survived but ‘Has a Long Recovery'

"We know her guardian angel was protecting her through all this," her aunt wrote.

Trigger warning: This story mentions gun violence and graphic description of injuries that some readers may find distressing.

A child whose name was circulated among the victims of the Uvalde shooting is alive and recovering from her injuries. Kendall Olivarez, 9, is presently hospitalized in San Antonio after being wounded in the left shoulder and also has bullet shrapnel lodged in her right leg and tailbone. Olivarez was shot by Salvador Ramos and was one among 19 children killed at Robb Elementary School, Texas. Two teachers were also killed in the attack.

Her aunt posted an update on her social media saying, "She will be needing several surgeries until she is completely healed," reports Good News Movement. Her picture was initially one of the "missing" children, but it was eventually shared alongside that of the victims. Her aunt wrote on Facebook, "We know her guardian angel was protecting her through all this." 


“I think she's doing the best that she can, her condition is stable and good but she has a long recovery," says Melissa Abeyta, Kendall's cousin. Abeyta said the 9-year-old was left traumatized after the incident and still coming to terms with what happened. “She's just very sad, she's very aware of what transpired and she's very aware of her classmates that are no longer with her, and that's made her incredibly emotional," said Abeyta, reported ABC10.


As we reported earlier, Ramos was shot down by the police in order to prevent further damage. Officials say at least 17 children were injured and were taken to the hospital, but it's unknown how many of them survived. Many people in the building and in the surrounding neighborhood stated their lives would never be the same again, reports Los Angeles Times.

Amber Gonzales' daughter, Aubree, hid under a desk in another classroom as Ramos attacked the school. She said, "She’s terrified to go anywhere without me and her dad. She can’t sleep by herself. She’s scared to take a shower by herself. She’s scared to even watch a movie in the living room by herself." Amber further added, "I put her to bed last night and she told me she felt like somebody was looking at her — she’s just really shaken up by it."



Aubree informed her mother that a woman was beating on her classroom door and "begging the teacher to let her in" during the shooting. According to Aubree, her teacher was unable to unlock the door owing to lockdown regulations, and she has no idea what happened to the woman or whether she was one of the teachers killed. Amber said, "I can just imagine the fear of hearing her yell, ‘Help!’ Help!'" She added, "I’m just so thankful that I was able to bring my baby home and tuck her in and be with her."

Miah Cerillo, 11, survived by putting her friend's blood on herself and pretending to be dead, according to her aunt, Blanca Rivera. She told NBC News that Cerillo was admitted to the hospital with gunshot fragments in her back but has since been released.



Cover Image Source: Facebook/Jennifer Marie Olivarez

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