9 Times Princess Diana Proved She Was Super Talented, And Was Way Beyond Just A Princess

9 Times Princess Diana Proved She Was Super Talented, And Was Way Beyond Just A Princess

Princess Diana was not just famous because of her royal title. She had a dynamic personality and inspired people with her talents.

The people's Princess was loved around the world. More than just a Princess, Diana was a human who connected to the common man. She challenged royal protocols and created a life of her own. "I don't go by a rule book, because I lead from the heart, not the head, and albeit that's got me into trouble in my work, I understand that," she said in 1995, according to Good House Keeping."But someone's got to go out there and love people and show it."

Her dedication to humanitarian works and causes made her an international icon. But beyond the titles and responsibilities given to her, she was a very talented individual who had varied interests. However, not many of us aware of this. Remembering the Princess on what would have been her 57th birthday, here are a few interesting talents that the princess had.

1. She was a teacher



Before she became a part of royalty, Diana who loved children immensely was a teacher. Before she married Prince Charles, Diana served as a kindergarten teacher. However, due to royal obligations, the Princess gave up her career. 

2.  She loved music and played the piano



As a child, little Diana played the piano at school. She also listened to a lot of music. According to the Telegraph,  the Princess's collection of albums revealed her fondness of Bob Dylan and John Denver. 

3. She loved to dance


The Princess loved to dance. As a kid, she dreamed of being a ballerina. In 1985, she surprised the world when she danced together with Wayne Sleep at the Royal Opera House. In 1986, the Princess turned heads when she danced with the movie star John Travolta.

4. She loved horse riding


Growing up in a country estate, Diana had an affinity towards animals. Though she was not a keen horse rider when she came to the royal family, the Princess developed an interest in horses and became a capable rider with the help of a trainer, Capt. James Hewitt.

5.  She played tennis


Diana, who was quite tall, was active in a lot of sports. While in school, the Princess was captain of the netball team, hockey. She adored playing tennis too. Diana was a frequent visitor to tennis games and was very passionate about the game.

6. She had a great sense of style


Diana remains one of the most admired fashion icons even after her death. The Princess has stunned the world with her classic and sophisticated style sense. Her bold, showstopping, and unapologetic choices made her the Princess of timeless sense of fashion.

7. She loved athletics


Her love for sports comes from a very young age. In 1991, Diana attended the Sports Day at Wetherby School, where Prince Harry was a student. Unlike a normal princess, she took off her shoes and raced in a mother's race with great enthusiasm.

8. She was fearless in defending what she believed in


The fearless Princess brought awareness about the devastation caused by land mines around the world. She shocked the world by walking through an active minefield in Angola in 1997.  She also tirelessly advocated for the international ban on landmines.

9. She loved being part of humanitarian works


Diana is well-known for her interest in charities and humanitarian works. In the mid-'80s, the Princess played a major role in raising awareness about Aids. The Princess opened the first HIV unit in the UK and shocked the world by interacting with the patients. She hugged and touched patients and changed the perception of HIV.