9-Month-Old Twin Babies Abandoned On Rail Tracks Despite A Church Being Nearby Shocks Residents

9-Month-Old Twin Babies Abandoned On Rail Tracks Despite A Church Being Nearby Shocks Residents

Two innocent babies were felt abandoned less than a yard away from a railway track. This irresponsible action by their parents has shocked the residents in the area.

We often hear and read about unfortunate incidents where parents are not able to take care of their children. While some parents find a way to give the kids for adoption, others put them in temporary foster care. However, it is tragic when parents choose to abandon babies in the middle of nowhere. Recently, twin nine-month-old babies were found abandoned near the railway tracks in Worcester.


According to the Boston Herald, twin babies were found on a stroller just 2 feet away from the tracks. A conductor and engineer who arrived early to start their work on the tracks made the alarming discovery. The engineer identified as Eric Martell told CBS Boston, "It was the happiest I've ever been to hear a baby cry in my life. Everything happens for a reason I believe and we were able to make a difference." The conductor informed Boston Herald that the babies were less than a yard away from the tracks. "It was 2 feet off the tracks. We made sure they were OK and called 911. It was definitely shocking."

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The employees called the police who took the babies to the hospital. Meanwhile, a press release by the Worcester Police Department informed that a Cambridge street address was visited by the police for a welfare check. However, they found the children in the house were missing. The babies discovered by the railway workers were just half a mile from the Cambridge address. The police, on the other hand, informed that the babies were unharmed and have identified them. The children are placed in the custody of Department of Children & Families.


The incident has shocked the residents of the area. They are angered at the irresponsible actions of the parents who decided to leave the babies near the railway track. "I’m angry, I’m sad. Confused," said Carl Wooden, a resident who claimed to have been with the mother of the babies a short time before she left them. He added that he had been with the family watching fireworks the previous night. "I'm in shock still. I'm, like, walking around in circles just totally in awe," said the man to WCVB5.

The man who knew the mother told that he had just left the police station after the questioning. "It's traumatizing, to me, that something like this could even happen," said Carl Wooden.

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Others were shocked to hear that the parents choose the tracks over the church which was just around the corner. "I can’t see how anyone can do that to babies where there are so many safe havens around. It’s sad because there’s a church right there – Sacred Heart Church, she could’ve brought the babies. She could’ve knocked on anyone’s door wherever she was. I’m sure she could’ve knocked on anyone’s door and anyone would’ve helped her. I would have," said a woman called Georgeanna Broadard. "I just think it's sad to have babies just left alone," said the woman to WCVB5.


A mother of three, Aura Leon said, "It’s just irresponsible. If the parents didn’t want to keep them, there are a lot of places they could have brought them instead. There’s no reason to leave them by some railroad tracks." The railway conductor who found the babies said, "I have a 1-year-old daughter, and I can’t imagine doing anything like that. I hope they can find someone who loves them and will take care of them."

Giving the babies up for adoption would promise them a better life and future. As children, they deserve the care and love from somebody who loves them unconditionally.