89YO Grandma Fulfills Wish To Dance At Night Club One Last Time| This Spot Is Where Her 69 YO Marriage Began

89YO Grandma Fulfills Wish To Dance At Night Club One Last Time| This Spot Is Where Her 69 YO Marriage Began

Mary had a bucket list and returning to the nightclub where she met her love was her dream. The care home staff who were aware of her dream helped her tick off the bucket list.

We all have bucket lists of things we want to do, places we want to see and the like. The exhilaration we feel when we tick one thing off of that list is amazing. Much like this sweet grandmother who ticked off an activity in her bucket list that was very close to her heart. At the ripe old age of 89, this elderly woman's list included visiting a night club because she had some special significance to the activity.


According to BBC News, Mary Edgson visited the night club 'Pryzm' in Nottingham, where she sang and danced to the music. The grandmother was extremely delighted to tick it off her bucket list. But this club was doubly special for her.


Mary met her beloved husband Dennis 69 years ago in the very same night club. Their eyes met across the Palais de Danse dance floor, and it was love at sight for the young couple. Mary who was just 20 years old at the time, was smitten by Dennis. The couple danced to Jealousy by Vera Lynn, a song she still sings in the care home where she lives.


"Coming back was on her bucket list," said Debra Buxton, owner of Conifers Rest Home, in Bakersfield to Nottingham post. The care home staff who knew it would be difficult for Mary to enjoy a normal evening at the busy club, threw her a Palais-themed party at the care home. However, coming back to the club where she met her husband was still her dream.

Luckily, the club manager announced that their Lower Parliament Street venue would be organizing a  second free Boogie Buffet afternoon for care residents. The staff who learned about this could not miss the chance. They wanted Mary to fulfill her wishlist.

"It's unbelievable. It's a big thing, we had to think about all the risks involved but I would have carried Mary on my back here if I had to," said Debra who started the home 30 years ago.


All the care home residents including Mary came back to the club that they used to enjoy as teens. The residents proved that they were still strong enough and had the energy to party like they used to. Residents from 33 different homes came together on the dance floor, with some showing off their moves on the floor.  Some residents even recalled their favorite spots in the club that opened in 1925.


Josephine Panton, an 84-year-old home resident remembered a corner in the club where he often stood with friends on a typical party night. "In that corner, the spotlight would go directly on us," said Josephine, who now stays at the Ruddington's St. Peter's Care Home.

The manager at the club informed that the event was a huge success. "It has been so popular. All tickets were snapped up within three days. The theme has been Best of British as a throwback to the years gone past, royal weddings and things like that," said Tom Dodd, Pryzm's deputy manager to ITV.