Ailing 85YO Man Insisted On Being Admitted In Same Ward As Dying Wife "I May Not Be Able To See Her Again In This Lifetime"

Ailing 85YO Man Insisted On Being Admitted In Same Ward As Dying Wife "I May Not Be Able To See Her Again In This Lifetime"

The elderly man wanted to be with his wife for one last time. His family did not inform him that she passed away soon after.

After having spent years together with your loved one, it is difficult to let go. The great memories you made with them and the love that you shared has blossomed into an unbreakable bond between both of you. But, life has an expiry date and us humans have no option but to abide by that. An elderly couple from China had to face that harsh reality of life.

According to Daily Mail, Mr. Zhang got admitted to the Xindu Third People's Hospital in Chengdu located in the capital of Sichuan Province in south-western China on 16 January 2020. He suffered from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, lung cancer, and atherosclerosis. Just a day later, his lovely wife, Ms. Wen was admitted after she lost consciousness due to respiratory failure. The 87-year-old who was also an Alzheimer's patient was taken to the ventilator soon after.


As days passed by, there was no improvement in her condition. Moreover, it just became worse. Her husband who was being treated at the respiratory unit of the same hospital heard about his wife's declining health.

He was heartbroken and wanted to see her for one last time. He immediately told his children that he wanted to be by her side. "I may not be able to see her again in this lifetime. I want to see her," said the 85-year-old.


The doctors agreed to the elderly man's plea and placed him on a bed next to his wife. The husband met his wife at 3:50 pm local time and did not wait to hold on to her hand. His wife, surviving with the help of the machine, laid there unconsciously. Mr. Zhang called out his dear wife's name but the woman, who had tubes down her throat, did not respond.

After fulfilling his last wish of being by her side, the elderly man was taken back to his room. However, later that day, his fears came true. His dear wife with whom he spent all his good and bad times died. Knowing it would break his heart, the family did not inform Mr. Zhang of his wife's passing.