8 Striking Qualities That Make You A Person Of Integrity In This Two-faced World

8 Striking Qualities That Make You A Person Of Integrity In This Two-faced World

Your value system is so strong, it doesn't let you rest when you've made a mistake. You're a person of principles.

It is not every day that you come across someone who can handle your candid nature. But the thing is, even in a world that seems to function on manipulation and bedazzling lies, you feel bound to stand by your truth. You’re honest, even when no one’s watching, simply because your moral compass won’t have it any other way. There’s no reward for being this way, but you know that it doesn't matter much even if no one seems to appreciate this quality anymore. You’re a person of integrity and it’s of utmost importance to you, irrespective of what the world makes of it.

You know you’re a person of integrity because:

1. You don’t argue. You discuss.


You’re not the one to have debates. No. You’d rather discuss. You don’t view differences of opinion as a ground for tennis match, but more like a game of tag. You pick up from where the other person left off, with acknowledgement. You don’t find the need to refute or question their opinion on a subject, not unless it’s blatantly, ethically wrong.

2. You see the merit, you give the credit

If there's one thing you believe in wholeheartedly, it is giving credit where credit's due. When someone puts genuine effort into something, you make sure it is acknowledged. You give credit whole-heartedly, and you pay up for the things you use because you know the difference between charity and cheating. At the same time, you also believe in accountability. And this is regardless of whether it's you or someone else. Owning up to your mistakes and correcting them are integral to personal growth is what you believe. And you'd have it no other way.

3. You’re a human lie-detector


You don’t need a polygraph to figure out someone’s lying to you, hiding something, or simply being manipulative. You’re a human polygraph yourself and you’re nearly always right about the dishonesty meter another person exhibits. And you just can’t stand it when people are dishonest. Unfortunately (for them) you can spot it from amile away.

4. You’re brutally honest

You’re probably honest to the point of being rude, some might say. But the truth is, you'd rather be honest than engage someone in a lie that benefits no one. To put it simply, you just can’t help it. You believe lying is a vile thing to do. So, you wear your honesty like an armour. Because when someone points fingers at you, your conscience is so squeaky clean that it makes your righteousness emanate from you.

5. You value time over and above all else


You believe that one can regain virtues, respect, even principles through their actions. But the one thing that really cannot be regained is time. And so, you value it like nothing else. You prioritize because time is the one resource you have a cap on, and time spent is never time earned. So naturally, you’re careful with whom (and what) you give your time to, and deeply value the time others give you.

6. You’re as transparent as glass

People know better than to point fingers at glass, because it’s all too clear. What you are on the inside is exactly what the world sees. Putting on a mask and pretending to be someone you're not is a foreign concept to you. You feel faking even the smallest thing is a burden on your mind that has better things to think about.

7. You apologize and you mean it


You don’t play the ‘I’m-sorry-you-felt-so-hurt’ game. Nope. When you’re sorry, you really are sorry. You admit your mistake, and don't feel ashamed of your flaws or shortcomings. Instead, you work on them proactively. Your apology goes something like this. “I’m sorry I said that hurtful thing. That wasn’t right. I was blind to the amazing things you do. I promise you, I’ll work on this.”

8. You’re a person of your word

You hate false promises. You hold yourself highly accountable for the things you say and do. You do that thing you promised, not just because you promised it, but because it’s the right thing to do. You have high moral expectations of yourself, and keeping your promises is top on that list of self-expectations.