79YO Man Joins Beauty School To Learn Hair & Makeup For His Wife Since Her Vision Was Failing

79YO Man Joins Beauty School To Learn Hair & Makeup For His Wife Since Her Vision Was Failing

The couple married for 50 years came back to the Delmar College of Hair and Esthetics to thank the staff.

One Canadian man proved that his love for his wife is beyond measure. According to People, a 79-year-old man from Alberta joined a beauty school to learn the art of hair and makeup just for his wife. The man, who wants to remain anonymous became a student at the Delmar College of Hair and Esthetics after his wife of 50 years found it difficult to do her own hair and makeup due to her deteriorating eyesight. 


Knowing that his wife takes pride in the way she looks, the pensioner decided to rise to the occasion and help out his struggling wife. He first wanted to learn hairstyling as he noticed she was constantly burning her hair due to her failing vision. Upon his request, the employees at the Delmar College set the pensioner with a student and a mannequin to teach him how to curl and protect his wife's hair. Once he mastered the techniques, he asked the college staff for tips to apply mascara on his wife. 

Impressed with the man's determination, the college authorities decided to educate him on makeup. "He also asked for tips on applying mascara because that task was hard for her also, so we gave him a makeup lesson too! He spent about an hour with us for lessons on curling iron sets and mascara application," said Carrie Hannah, the beauty school director. 


The employees and students at the college were touched by the man's love for his beloved partner. Hannah recalled that the pensioner spoke highly of his wife and even showed them her picture. 

"He lovingly pulled pictures from his wallet, showing everyone his wife, and boasting about how beautiful she has always been and how talented she was with the skill set of typing over 100 words a minute when she was working," she said.  She continued, "Her appearance has always been something she has taken pride in and it's important to her so therefore important to him."

The man left a lasting impression on the employees and students of the college. "He is turning 80 in May, and I think he is also a very brave man for stepping into a hair college and asking for lessons on styling hair. I don't think too many men would do that," said Hannah. 

After learning the skills required to make his wife pretty, the man returned to college along with his wife. Recounting the meeting, the beauty school director stated, "They both also are impressed with his new professional skills and her hair is looking great!"