7YO Spends His Birthday & Christmas Money To Buy Care Packages For The Elderly Struggling Through COVID-19

7YO Spends His Birthday & Christmas Money To Buy Care Packages For The Elderly Struggling Through COVID-19

Cavanaugh Bell is doing good for his community. He even urges others to join the cause and help the elderly during this crisis.

The coronavirus pandemic has led to the isolation of many. While many have stocked up supplies at home, elderly people who are most vulnerable to the infection are still struggling to meet their basic needs. One kid who understood their helplessness in this crisis decided to step up and do what he can.

According to the New York Daily News, 7-year-old, Cavanaugh Bell from Maryland is making a difference in the way he can. The young boy spent $500 from his two birthdays and three Christmases to provide care packages for the elderly. He documents his work through social media and encourages others to be a part of it.


The selfless young boy went online to request others to help him in the act of kindness. He went on Youtube and said, "Help me keep helping the elderly and those in need as we get through this #coronapocalypse," according to New York Daily News.

He then went to the local Target and filled his cart with essentials such as Clorox, soap and hand sanitizers. In a video posted, he said, "What’s up guys! I’m at Target. But we still have to keep going." He added, "I think we’ll be here for a while," he added, sounding both concerned and hopeful.

The thoughtful boy, who seems wiser than his age, talked about his intentions behind such an act. According to New York Daily News, he wrote, "It's scary times with everything going on with the #coronavirus #pandemic, but I wanted to spread love and positivity. So, I went to social media to ask for donations and I even used $500 of my own money to make care packs for the elderly." He further explained that he wanted the elderly to feel that they were not neglected or forgotten by the community.


"They are the most at risk right now with #COVID-19 and I wanted them to know that they were not forgotten. I made 65 care packs with snacks and cleaning supplies and took them to a senior living community in my hometown," wrote the boy, according to the New York Daily News. 

His kind act surprised many. People thanked him and appreciated his gesture. "You are changing the world !" wrote one. Another said, "You’re amazing! We need more people like you!"


The boy who keeps reminding, "Don't forget our senior citizens, they need to eat, too" is also took the initiative to feed 90 students. However, this is not his first philanthropist act. Cavanaugh is also known to have founded the non-profit "Cool and Dope" with the aim of eradicating bullying and youth suicide, according to Fox.


Having been a victim of bullying at the age of 5 and pushed to developing suicidal thoughts, Cavanaugh was inspired by his mother to create a movement that encouraged positivity and love. The young boy is a star and his presence of mind is admirable.