7-Year-Old Sells Hand-Painted Tea Towels To Raise $100,000 For Her Cancer-Stricken Dad's Treatment

7-Year-Old Sells Hand-Painted Tea Towels To Raise $100,000 For Her Cancer-Stricken Dad's Treatment

Luna contributed $600 to her father's funds. She hopes her paintings will help her contribute more.

Daughters and fathers share a special bond that is unbreakable. So, the slightest thought of losing each other forever can be devastating. One daughter was heartbroken when she heard her father was fatally unwell. Therefore, she decided to do everything she could to help him get better.


According to Daily Mail, 7-year-old Luna is selling tea towels online to fund her father Diego Wernicke's life-saving cancer treatment. The young girl started an Instagram page and began auctioning painted tea towels.  "I can’t do much but I love painting so want to help dad get better. I hope they like them," stated her Instagram page.


Her efforts have been appreciated by many. So far, the little girl has managed to contribute $600 to her father's funds.

Wernicke's illness came to light after he suffered a seizure in front of his eldest kids, Luna, 5, and Mili, 3, at their home in Gold Coast in March 2019. The little girls rushed to their neighbors and informed them about their father's condition. Soon, Wernicke was rushed to the hospital. 

On completing the examinations, the father of four was diagnosed with stage three brain cancer. However, the local doctors refused to operate the tumor as it involved a lot of risk. But Wernick's wife Hayley Allen was determined to save her husband's life. She knew she had to rely on Charlie Teo, a renowned brain surgeon located in Sydney.


"Charlie Teo believes he can get 99 percent of the tumor out. They can never give you a definitive answer, but the operation would potentially add years and years on to his life, compared to the 12 months or so he has now," said Hayley. 

Though she knew Dr. Teo could save her husband, there was a problem. The doctor can only do the surgery if he is invited to Queensland by a public hospital. However, that has not happened in the last 35 years.


Despite knowing it, Hayley tried to get letters and recommendations from local doctors to fly the surgeon across the border. But, the family had no luck. 

"All the public hospitals say there's nothing they can do, so we need to get him to Sydney so I can tell my kids I tried everything to keep their dad alive," said Hayley, according to Daily Mail.

With no other means in front of them, Hayley started a fundraiser to fly her husband to Sydney for the surgery.  The GoFund Me page raised more than $78,529. The family hopes to raise a maximum of $150,000.


Hayley recalled how her Luna was affected by her father's condition. "I don't want Daddy to die," said Luna, to her mother in tears. 

Meanwhile, the family is also struggling to manage their daily expenses. "It has been hard because Diego hasn't been able to work since he got sick, and he can't drive so I have to take the kids to school and take him to appointments," said the mother of four.

She continued, "At the beginning of this year we had no money and dropped the amount of cannabis oil we were giving him, then he had more growth, all the while I was about to have our little boy."


The mother of four updated the public about her husband's online consultation with Dr. Teo. She also told them how their support was important for her family. "I can’t sit back and not try. I need to tell the kids I tried everything. We need him here. As awful as I feel to be another person asking for lifesaving treatment, I know I have to try. This means life or death, our babies deserve this~ for me to give my all to stop and ask anyone that can to help, share our story, donate anything and all helps," wrote the woman on the GoFund Me Page.

Here's praying that they reach their target donation for Diego's treatment and he lives to see his unborn child come into this world and see all of them grow up.