7-Year-Old Is Recovering From Burns on Half of His Body After Russian Missile Attack in Ukraine

7-Year-Old Is Recovering From Burns on Half of His Body After Russian Missile Attack in Ukraine

He was with his mother when the strike started and got separated from her.

Trigger Warning: The following story contains graphic details of war injuries that might be disturbing for readers.

A 7-year-old Ukrainian boy is still healing from burns on nearly half of his body caused by a Russian missile attack earlier this month. The boy, Roman, was with his mother in the central Ukrainian city of Vinnytsia on July 14 when the strike began, reports CBS News.

According to a Facebook post from his father, Yaroslav Oleksiv, his mother, Galyna Oleksiv, was among the at least 23 people murdered in the attack. He said in an interview, "The explosion threw his body and that ended up saving him. He was picked up right away and an ambulance arrived immediately." Roman was aware and able to utter his name when he was picked up after the explosion, according to Oleksiv. He informed those assisting him that he had been with his mother, who was buried under the strike's wreckage.




Ramon's father said, "All the bodies they found from this shock wave, they were all badly burned...many had their limbs ripped off. None of the bodies remained fully intact. The doctors said they found some fabric with some writing on it. We knew that [Roman's mother] had a T-shirt like that. ... Plus, she had braces, and we could [identify her] by the braces." A DNA test proved she was among the victims.

Roman is receiving extensive medical care for his personal injuries. According to a Facebook post by the Medical Association of Lviv, 45 percent of his body is covered in external burns, while the remaining 35 percent is burnt within. The post mentions, "Unfortunately, we are now having to accept very difficult patients. During about five months of war, our specialists have already helped 5,000 victims with the most difficult war injuries. Among them are many children with mine explosions, fragmented wounds, amputated limbs and severe burns."




The 7-year-little old's body is nearly totally wrapped in gauze and medical equipment in photos. His lower torso, including both limbs, is wrapped from the belly button down. His head is similarly completely covered, with the exception of holes for his eyes, nose, and mouth. The post states, "[The burns] are so deep in places that they even reach bones. Burn face, upper and lower limbs, airway ... a closed fracture of his left hand and several shell fractures in his skull."

Roman was initially treated at a Lviv hospital but has now been transferred to a hospital in Germany for more treatment, which includes skin grafts and plastic surgery. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenksyy called the July 14 strike "an open act of terrorism" against people. According to Reuters, the incident killed at least 23 people, including young children, and injured more than 90 others. 






Cover Image Source: Medical Association of Lviv/Facebook