7 Things Only Daughters Who Can Never Hear Their Mom's Voice Again Will Understand

7 Things Only Daughters Who Can Never Hear Their Mom's Voice Again Will Understand

No one can replace your mother, especially if you were close to her. So to lose her meant losing a piece of yourself as well.

There's something extremely special about a mother-daughter bond. It's a connection that no matter how much you try to emulate, it isn't exactly the same. The warmth of her hug, the love in her kisses peppered all over your face, the safety you feel when she holds you as she listens to what you say... there's not much that can match that. And so for those women who don't even get to hear her voice, it's these seven things you suffer every day:

1. You wish to call her up to tell her about your day only to realize she is no more

There are just some days when so many things are happening in your life that you want to be able to just pick up the phone, call her and tell her everything. You want to listen to her laugh at the anecdotes or calm you down when you vent. But then as strong as that wish is, you realize you can't and it burns. 

2. You miss the times you would turn to her for advice and she would know exactly what to say

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When it came to getting advice, it was your mom you turned to first. She was the one who knew what you were thinking even before you said it. She was the one who you looked up to find the right path. And somehow, no matter how big your issue was, she knew exactly what to say and that made you believe everything would be all right.

3. You really wish your mom was there to see what kind of a mom you now are

After everything she did for you, you wish she was alive to see how you turned out in her role. You want her to be proud of the mom you became and for her to know that she played a big role in making you the great mom that you are now. 

4. You see your mom in your kids

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A smile, a conversation, even a look... it's in that one instance that you look at your kids and feel like your mom has come back. And in some ways, those moments help you remember that she's in a better place and that you'll be okay.

5. You feel a void that just cannot be put into words and it won't go away

You can't explain it, but without her by your side, there's this emptiness that never seems to get filled no matter what you do. Though your partner, kids, friends and close ones have a place in your heart, there's one place carved out for your mom that just makes you feel like something is missing.

6. When you are happy or proud, you wish could hear from her just one more time

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Whenever you are extremely happy or excited, there's a pang that you feel. One that reminds you that she's gone and you won't be able to share your joy with her. It's these times, the urge to hear from her one more time is so strong, it can bring involuntary tears to your eyes. 

7. When you are lost or sad, you know your mom went through more and ask for her strength

It is in those moments of despair, confusion, and sadness that you know that your mom had gone through far more. And she came out stronger. So you ask her to lend you her strength, knowing that she's keeping an eye out for you. Because if there's anything your mom gave you that is immensely powerful is her love and in that love lies the strength to get through the hard times. 

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