7 Reasons Why You Should Travel With Your Mom Every Year

7 Reasons Why You Should Travel With Your Mom Every Year

Travelling together is an incredible way to bond with the wonderful person who raised you.

As you get older, you probably cherish your mom more than ever. Despite fighting with her to get what you wanted as a kid and even during those painful years of teenage angst, she supported you and loved you unconditionally. When you move away from home, you often miss spending quality time with your mother. Sure, you keep in touch over calls: you check in to get details about a family recipe, or you talk to her about a cute person you just met. But there's nothing quite like being with her in person, right? Even though you may not be at home with her you can still keep your relationship alive by planning a special trip with her once a year at the very least. Here's why that's a great idea!


1. It gives you a chance to catch up

Distance makes the heart grow fonder but sometimes you might not have time for each other as much as you'd like. Getting together on a trip means there are no other interruptions. You get a one-on-one session with your mom to be there for her and give her your undivided attention. And vice versa! It's a great way to spend some quality time.


2. You might just realize that your mom's your best travel partner

She plans a trip to the T and gets the itinerary in order. She makes sure you're comfortable. She checks in to see if you've eaten well enough. You and your mom are also likely to have a few similar tastes, so you'd want to do quite a few things together, like shopping, exploring places, hiking, or even bar-hopping!


3. You get to know each other better

Both of you mayhave  been caught up in your own lives when it comes to family, work, friends, etc. But now on a trip together you get to be personal and enjoy more honest, distraction-free conversations. You might even see another side of your mom you probably never had a chance to see because she was always taking care of the family!


4. A trip could get both of you out of your comfort zones

You could challenge your mom to do fun activities she probably would have never tried before. And you could do the same too! Adventure sports? Visiting museums and learning about new cultures? Special cooking classes? There's so much to try out and it's even more fun with someone who'll bring a different perspective on the same!


5. You both make a lot of fun memories

Well, this is an obvious one! But think about it. As you grow up you get to make new memories with your mom and it doesn't always have to be family reunions or weddings or the usual get-together type situations. Being silly and playful with your mom ( just the two of you) as well as experiencing new sights and sounds in another country are sure to be moments you two will remember forever!


6. You can both cross things off your bucket list

Try a bizarre meal, go sky diving, snorkeling: you name it, and just do it! Your mom might have put off a lot of things she wanted to when she was younger but never had the time to. This is your opportunity to give her that chance and cross off things in your own bucket list as well!


7.  It is the BEST gift your mom could ask for

If you want that bond to get stronger than ever, a trip together will surely do the trick! Doing something so thoughtful and most importantly making time to be with your mom exclusively will surely her feel appreciated and loved. So what are you waiting for?  Pack your bags, go out and explore! (keeping in mind all pandemic-related measures of course!)