7 Reasons Why You Should Take A Trip With Your Mom And Why You Will Regret Missing The Opportunity Later

7 Reasons Why You Should Take A Trip With Your Mom And Why You Will Regret Missing The Opportunity Later

Caught in our hectic lives, we tend to overlook how much our mothers truly mean to us. Traveling with mum is the best way to strengthen the bond again.

For many people, their mother is their best friend. We trust our mothers with everything and run to them for anything and everything. For the rest of us, the relationship with our mother is complex.  We have our differences and sometimes you can't believe the two of you are related. But as we age, life teaches us that bringing up kids is not easy. You think maybe your mum did the best she could although it wasn't enough for you.  Irrespective of what kind of relationship you have with your mom, here is why taking a trip with her will be an incredibly healing and nourishing experience for both of you.

1. You can make some great memories with your mother  


Of course, traveling with your mum is not an everyday option. It is a lifetime experience and will be a unique one. A holiday with her is a great way to create memories that can last a lifetime. It will help you realize how traveling with her is actually more fun than you think. Connecting beyond house chores, kids, school work, and other tasks lets you see her for the woman she is beyond all the roles.

2. Both of you can get out of your comfort zone 


We have all said this, "Ooh it's going to be boring, I am going out with my MOM." This trip might change that opinion forever. Your mom might surprise you on this trip. She might not be that boring mom you remember but someone who likes to have fun just like you. Going out with your mum is a great way to discover new sides to each other. It will also help you enjoy each others company and help you get to know her better. You might actually understand that there is a reason she does things the way she does.

3. It gives you a chance to catch up with her


Moving out of your house has not given you enough opportunities to interact with mum. Though you make your customary calls, you never get time to spend real time with her because of your busy work and personal life. Taking your mom along with you for a holiday creates the ground to spend more time with her. It will allow you to rebond with her and catch up on the things you missed over the years.  More importantly, you will connect not just as child and mom, but as two independent adults. This offers you a perspective of her that you may have never gotten otherwise.

4. You can both cross off things from your bucket list 

In the midst of taking care of the family and household, your mom might have not got the time to travel and do everything she ever wanted to. While planning the holiday, sit with her and get to know what interests her.  This could also let you see that she too is a little girl who wants to see the world and maybe her childhood or parenthood (thanks to you) didn't give her the opportunity to take the kind of vacations she always wanted. 

5. You can get to know each other better


All your life, you have looked up at your mother as an elderly person helping you figure out life. Traveling with her will allow you to see the fun side to her that you never knew existed. Other than the mother-daughter or mother-son bond you share, you will also get an opportunity to develop a friendship.  Also, do you know her story? What was she like before she became a mom and wife? What pain does she carry from her childhood? Does she have fears, traumas, bad memories from the past that she is trying to heal from just like you?

6. Traveling is the best gift you can give each other


There is something amazing about getting out and walking around in a new city. Your mom who struggled for you and the family deserves every happiness in the world. It is good if you take the time to wish her on Mother's Day or send flowers on her birthday, however, none of these things beats the time you dedicate to her. Taking some time out of your busy schedule and going away with your mum to create memories is, in fact, the greatest thing you can do to reciprocate all the goodness she has given you. 

7. You will know that she tried her best even though you didn't have the perfect childhood


Some of us were lucky to have sweetest mums. Some of us didn't. The rest of us feel torn between our love for our moms and the remorse we feel towards our childhood. Whatever be the case, traveling with your mom will allow you to understand her decisions and choices better. Nothing is more liberating than knowing you did your best to understand her story and her journey as a child, young girl to the kind of mom and grandma she evolved to be. It would be easier for you to be kinder to yourself, too, for having grown up amongst the unique circumstances you have had and still turned out strong, kind, and loving.