61-Year-Old Postal Worker Dies After Being Mauled by 5 Dogs on Her Delivery Route | “They Were Ripping Her Apart”

61-Year-Old Postal Worker Dies After Being Mauled by 5 Dogs on Her Delivery Route | “They Were Ripping Her Apart”

She screamed for help as these dogs attacked her after her vehicle broke down.

Over the weekend, a 61-year-old postal carrier was killed after being mauled by five dogs in rural northern Florida.

Pamela Jane Rock of Melrose, was in Interlachen Lake Estates after her vehicle broke down on Sunday. Residents ran outside after hearing a woman scream for assistance and discovered Rock on the ground with five dogs assaulting her, according to the Putnam County Sheriff's Office. Putnam County Sheriff Chief Deputy Colonel Joseph Wells said, "One of the neighbors even brought his firearm along and fired several shots into the air and to the ground in an attempt to disrupt the attack," per CNN.

According to Wells, the attempt was unsuccessful, and the dogs had to be forcefully removed off Rock by neighbors and owners. The canines had returned to their owner's property by the time deputies arrived. The mail carrier was bleeding profusely on the ground.




Until rescue units came, deputies applied tourniquets and administered first aid. Rock was taken to a neighboring hospital before being airlifted to a trauma facility in Gainesville in critical condition. She died as a result of her injuries on Monday evening at 7:30 p.m. 

One of Rock's arms was amputated after the attack, reports First Coast News. Rock's niece told the outlet, "She had one arm amputated before she passed. And they had her other limbs in slings trying to save them, her heart stopped twice and her blood pressure was all over the place." She added, "How did it get so far? Why were so many dogs able to get to her? Where were the owners? Why were they not locked up?"




The niece informed that Rock had joined this job last December and finished her training. She was extremely excited about this new experience. 

According to data given by the US Postal Service in June, more than 5,400 postal employees in the United States were attacked by dogs in 2021. According to the USPS, Florida was one of the top ten states for dog bites last year, with 201 occurrences reported. 

Following the incident, animal control officers were called to the site and seized possession of the five canines identified by witnesses as being engaged in the attack. The owner gave up custody of the canines, who will be humanely euthanized. 




Wells said the sheriff's office and animal control had previously attended to the neighborhood for animal reports, though it's unclear if the incidents included the same dogs. He said, "We have talked to those witnesses and we are working to confirm that these dogs are one and the same. We believe that there have been other calls for service regarding these dogs and we are reviewing these calls right now."

Neighbors informed CNN affiliate News4JAX that the five dogs involved have been creating issues recently. They were known to hop the fence or come out from underneath it. The owner of the dogs is cooperating but with more information, they could be charged.




Rock's niece said, "They were negligent in the care of their animals. They did not just attack her, they were ripping her apart."

When postal employees deliver mail, the USPS recommends that dogs be kept inside the home, behind a fence, away from the door, or on a leash. The postal office also advises youngsters not to accept mail straight from the postal carrier since dogs may see the carrier as a danger. 




Cover Image Source: First Coast News/Youtube