6-Year-Old Was Dragged for Almost 600 Feet by the School Bus | “I Thought He Was Going to Die”

6-Year-Old Was Dragged for Almost 600 Feet by the School Bus | “I Thought He Was Going to Die”

The bus driver was put on administrative leave after the incident.

A school bus driver in Maine was placed on leave after a 6-year-old was dragged six hundred feet by the bus he was driving. This happened in front of his mother when the youngster got off his stop, reports WMTW. She spoke to WGME, "My son tried to get off. And he immediately started to drive off. I was waiting for his little body to go underneath the bus. I didn't think the driver was going to stop." Lavigne claimed she went after the bus and yelled at the driver to stop, per PEOPLE.

She said, "I didn't think he was going to stop. I thought he was going to just keep driving. It felt like forever. It was terrifying." The bus was ultimately halted after the boy had been pushed nearly 575 feet, according to the Associated Press. The youngster, who was dressed in shorts and sneakers, had cuts and bruises along the side of his leg and was rushed to Maine Medical Center by Emergency services. According to the district, the 63-year-old bus driver is relatively new. He was afterward placed on administrative leave.

Lavigne attributed the backpack, which did not rip with the weight of her kid dragging on the truck, with saving her son's life. Buxton Police Department Chief Troy Cline spoke to WSET, "There are many things that could have gone wrong. You're just hoping that child is OK and not severely injured." 

According to Dottie Muchmore, the school district's transportation director, drivers must undergo at least 40 hours of training before working with kids. The district's standard safety policy requires drivers to wait for children to finish crossing the street before locking the doors and driving away. Muchmore said, "We focus on the loading and unloading of our students. It's the most critical time of a bus driver's job."

On Friday, school officials drove the buses with kids, and counseling services were offered to the people who needed them. Lavigne believes it will be difficult to persuade her kid to use the bus in the future. She said, "He's been a real trooper. He's really scared. Doesn't want to ride the school bus anymore." She added, "I don't understand how this happened. I'm just so glad he's OK."

The district and the police officials are investigating the incident and no further details have been revealed. 





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